WoW Classic Stress Test 1


Last strand of hope is for the 9pm EST mark.

I’m in.

Created a toon, and the servers went down :frowning:

Stress test doesnt go live for me until 9am thursday

Come on RNG, let me in, one time

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oh for you my misread that

There was an issue where it appeared early, that was a mistake, once you have the client we will have the realm playable tomorrow/Wednesday at 4pm PDT.

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I live in australia dude the us is 17hrs behind me do the math xd

So, will I be available to be added to the pool of beta testers after the stress test? tho the stress test is going to be fun, If only we can shove 40 level 5 players into dead mines loll

yeah i misread it my bad

Lol all good dude not that im in yet hopefully ill get an invite

yeah same here

Same here.

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Out shopping atm hopefully when i check when i get home ill be in

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Are they sending invites at the moment?

I keep refreshing over and over and over… I added a month of Game Time for this. Feeling kind of silly about it now, no beta or stress invite. Guess I’m just a little too excited.

I have my sub running out on the 26th, too. Just hoping I can get in to the stress test/beta before then so I have a reason to resub.

yeah, i got added to the stress test just now. im afraid itll boot me out of the raffle for the beta though if i get selected for this haha

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i have been checking mine like ever 5 mins and we all have good reason to be excited

Went to eat dinner, came back… no stress.

Starting to get a little mad. :slight_smile:

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Ok, thank you for letting me know that they are being sent out.