Just got beta and stress test

Hello Peeps,
I just got the beta and stress test. I didn’t get an email, it started to download in battlenet app. Good luck to all and hope to see in you game.


still nothing :confused: and ive been playing forever, hopefully I get in

i got invite 10 mins ago.


I just dont know why I havent gotten anything, ive been playing since early 2005

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You will get one! My account is from 2011. Make sure to see your beta preference.

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still nothing…I know they will prolly go out for a few hours, so maybe I will get lucky.

So if you get the stress test, does that mean you get beta as well after the stress test is over?

Not sure. But Stress test and beta are using same client but different servers.


Those with beta will have access to the stress test but not the other way around.

You can still receive an invite for the beta though regardless of if you get into the stress tests or not

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Mine just popped up!

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im anxiously refreshing non stop. i’m praying

a bunch of people were able to just get in and start playing

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How do you know this?

I got it as well. It is only the stress test. I checked and the only server available is the stress test server which is currently offline.

This part is in the main announcement.

I think is in a blue post on the pinned stress test post

Just got this as well. “Beta and Stress Test”. Hopefully its actually both, lol.

It’s not.

Beta Stress test PVP: Offline.

I don’t see the other servers… :frowning:

I got the download for beta & stress test but it’s just for the Stress portion. When I log in no active server. I guess something is better than nothing. Let the level 5 grind begin. Well, tomorrow, lol.

Dec. 04 account for anyone wondering.

I’m in, created a toon, server went down.

So now I’m waiting for it to come back up.