Just got beta and stress test

Same as when you stand on the lamp post to kill the twins.

When you go to the launcher, above the big play button, there’s a drop down menu, when you click on it, above PTR: World of Warcraft it will say Beta & Stress Test: WoW Classic.

Ok than my guess would be no stress test invite and the ptr on the launcher is the one showing up as legion ptr on your account page.

I would still contact CS just to be sure and have them remove the account to avoid added confusion.

I had them remove a PTR account from my account yesterday because I was sick of seeing it when looking for the Beta to show up

thats what I thought, but it doesn’t have it…
idk how man, i’ve spent 14 years on the game, this hurts…a lot

When I made my character and entered the game it played the undead cinematic with the guy talking, the whole time I saw a herd of undead coming out of the cave. :slight_smile: good times. Still offline for me right now.

I got in as well. was able to make a toon and play for about a minute before the server went down. HYPE

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I haven’t even made it to the character menu yet.


Just restarted launcher and it started an update team! Maybe it is coming back. :slight_smile:

congrats to all of you, I hope you all have enough fun for me.
make the most of this rare oppertunity. can’t wait to read about your progress

and please…report bugs

Then you didn’t get it :frowning:

and I get it, it does hurt, I kinda get tired of watching Esfand and want to play so bad! I’ve had my account since mid-TBC and sometimes it’s a bit frustrating to think like that because on one hand it’s like “Yo, Blizz, my account is old and active, still no invite? Da fuq!?” But on the other hand, it’s like “Wow, I need to tone down that way of thinking.”

All in all, just be patient. It sucks I know, but you’ll play. Maybe not as soon as you want but you will play.


Got it but there is only 1 server (PVP) and it is offline. So I cannot play. :frowning:

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Can confirm legion PTR on the battle net account page is the stress test if anyone wanted to check that’s not home

I know how you feel, I’ll probs be at work when the stress test underway.

shakes fist in the air while shouting CURSE YOU WELL PAYING JOB THAT I NEED TO CONTINUE TO LIVE!

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I have that, but no stress test
so idk

Hmm that’s really odd. A legion ptr doesn’t even exist. Have you fully closed the launcher and reopened it?

You got beta AND stress test?
Go play the lottery…

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yes, i have even logged in and out. closed launcher ect… check the SS lemme know

that’s what I got

shrug idk
how many gigs is the DL btw?

About 9 gigs for me