Just got beta and stress test

same here. it went down a few times. now it is offline for a few minutes for me.

I doubt it will today?

Can you me a favor though Starman is it showing PvP now?

It was showing up a norm realm for me about 45min ago

idk how ive been in the last 5 betas, playing since early 2005.
Beta profile checked. and still no stress test x.x

pvp it is showing but offline. Wow 3 no realms. wow 4 offline

It’s showing the stress server as PVP for me.

Can someone post a screen shot of what beta looks like on the battle net account page. I’m not home to see atm. I do have a legion ptr account that just popped up.

It shows up as a legion ptr!

Edit: on your account page! NOT THE LAUNCHER

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It’s pvp. Hope that helps.

Oh awesome thanks.

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No SS but it appears above PTR Labeled “Beta & Stress Test: Wow Classic”


I’ll recheck mine soon but I’m guessing it went online shortly to maybe go from normal to PvP?

Edit: Yeah blue post said they accidently switched it on for a few minutes but will be back up 4 pm PDT tomorrow. It is showing up PvP for me now so I wonder if thats why

I saw this post and I was like; “Oh! Jealous, I wish I got it too!” then I went and checked my launcher and it was there and I was like, “ASKJDHF;LKWHEJFOjwhedf’lJKWSHEDF;JWHRG!!!”

True story I was there…


It sure was awesome seeing all my undead friends in the cinematic. :slight_smile: For the forsaken!!

are you sure? I have legion ptr. but nothing in launcher

Yes I’m positive I went an double checked my on to be safe.

Did you already have a ptr account?

It’ll show as Classic Beta and Stress on launcher

I have a PTR account, regular
I hit the arrow that shows all your WoWs but no option for beta/stress

You have to watch the cinematic and the servers open up.

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Yeah so if you had that before today than it’s what it always was.

If your looking for it from the Launcher it’ll show as Classic Beta and Stress but if your looking at your WoW accounts it’ll show up as a new Legion PTR account.

If that PTR wasn’t showing up before today maybe contact CS?

What cinematic do you speak of?

When I log in it goes directly to the server?

I apologise im abit confused.

So I have PTR but it wasn’t installed. but it’s just World of Warcraft: PTR
No options for classic ect,

But in my blizzard account on the site, I have Legion PTR. but nothing for classic in launcher. so im not sure