Just Curious: Will Void Elves Be Given Normal Hair Options?

There are a lot of different types of people who play this game. There isn’t much you can do about the extremists who happen to support the same things you do.


I went for blue hair on my pally and found so many options for mogs and looks that literally just didn’t work the same. Those SS are on another computer but I had some saved, I also went for the heroic ICC dk recolor set and black hair and green crown lol

When I was using blue hair

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These pics just reaffirmed my position: This is the absolute best Blood Elf hair color.

I loved the mogs as well, I think it fits quite well. Those Wrath Plate pieces never get old, they look cool even now. Nice fitting with the shoulderpads and crown!

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Natural hair options makes perfect sense as magical infusion doesn’t always cause drastic changes, as seen with Demon Hunters and Death Knights.

I entirely understand if you don’t want to share as it could be construed as talking about a mod action, but which post?

Nothing I’ve seen today from you looked flaggable.

One moment, scrolling on mobile is a pain and I hope they improve it someday

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Ah its probably the “AF” bit…

I wouldn’t have expected that to stick though… lol

Very much this.

We can agree on things it turns out. rofl.

The cloned models void elves have with Blood elves. There should be no reason for them to have hair or skin similar to blood elves. They are Void Elves. Anything non-void related is pure, giving Alliance forum qq’ers what they want.


How is that Horde favoritism? No one on Horde wants one of their races to be handed to the Alliance with a new color.


The Void elves didn’t have sclera or an actual Iris. They had glowing solid eyecolors of purple and blue and pale purple. Blood elves have always had sclera and an iris

This isn’t correct.

Original void elves had blue eyes with no sclera. There was no other option.

We didn’t get any other choices in eye color until the prepatch.

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I posted images of my void elf with the eye options that were before the new ones that are there now. I remember they had about 3 maybe 4 colors at most and they all looked the same except color. They are Void Elves so Blue eyes only instead of purple variations isn’t likely. Im sure if you google the videos of people showing the new void elf race before they were in live WoW you can see if it was just blue or purple too.

Void Elves did not have any eye color options prior to SL prepatch. Each face had the same eye color. Skin tones had shading around the eye that varied in tone, but that is not the eye color itself.

These are pre-patch Void Elf eyes:

No matter the face, the eye color did not change. The only thing that could change was the shading around the eye based on the skin tone you chose.


Thank you. I was pretty sure but had begun to doubt… Lol

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So far I want to see more Eye Colors in the Future like Pink for Example, Black, Red, Emerald, Yellow, Basically Half Elf Eye Colors, and etc. I don’t get me wrong I like the Current ones but I want to see more variety to being different than being the same like everyone else.


Variety is the spice of life :slight_smile:

For me, I’d like to see a blue-black void glowy eye color similar to the blue-black void spell effects used by NPC’s (I’d also love an option to make all my spells that color as well!).

But all in all, more options is better than less.


Don’t be discouraged friends!
Normal hair options for Void Elves given from Blood Elves will happen soon enough once Blizzard puts customization back on the menu in the next expansion :heart:

Not until our Belf friends get a second visual theme of their own. We got the skin colors and eye colors that’s enough. My Helf/Velf is very pretty with her pale skin, blue eyes, and purple hair!

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