Just Curious: Will Void Elves Be Given Normal Hair Options?

kind of. they just threw them another bone because blood elves were getting their blue eyes back to reflect where they should be in the lore. if they kept blood elves to their TBC theme void elves would still only be blue skinned


The incessant demands are for Blood Elf assets instead of assets from other Alliance races or brand new assets is problematic.

Meanwhile, the Blood Elves are over here in our living rooms going, “Please just leave us alone, let us have our hair and our tattoos (oh wait) and our scars (oh wait) and we won’t say anything. Just leave us alone.”

Do you blame Blood Elf players for being mad as hell and not willing to take the vulturing of our avatar anymore?


The fact that this game has lore and each race has lore, seeing a pimped out version of a high-elf dragon aspect hybrid running around that is a copy of my race that isn’t some creation just so people can play Sims 4 MMORPG. Why take a solid race with its own place in the game and clone it and give it any elf look it wants so it can defy the elements of the game and exists because of people who are just too soft to play WoW i guess. Lotr is still around, FFXIV might be a nice fit. Why not give gnomes a height scaler? Why not just give better looking humans who are savage and fit in the horde, to the horde?

If that is being too invested in a fictional game, then ya, thats me.
Its like saying to someone that wants to use a weapon their class cant use and saying I have characters with ranged weapons, and some that don’t, thanks for reminding me because I just cant understand being so invested in some game on the internet that amounts to nothing. I have real things to be concerned about, maybe you should get some too
like THAT one person with that bs argument.

Alteraci Humans for the Horde!

Use the thin model while we’re at it.

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I don’t know what to say to that question because I don’t ask for playable High Elves on the Alliance.

In fact, this is my initial post on the matter.

The reason why I said the “investment” thing is that, just because I said Jet black hair could be a thing for Void Elves, I was called demanding, I was called to want the destruction of the Blood Elves and also was called to be making several alts to spam demanding.

One thing is being invested, I too am with Night Elf stuff sometimes. But another thing is the reaction the anti Helf fans have made here for a simple black hair that was NOT a Blood Elf asset until this expansion, was something Humans and Draenei had before.

Damn, I can’t argue with that. There is a ton of potential in them too. How have I never heard of them until now? lol

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I’m lazy and haven’t written the megathread for them yet.

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did you know there was a human pirate faction that joined and fought with the horde in the fourth war(bfa)?

compared to 4 ‘high elves’ showing up for the alliance and only 1 joins them on the battlefield

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Ok, take those humans and the Stormwind Humans for the Horde. So we will be even with the humans too…

We keep the Worgen and the Kultiran.

Let’s be real here. If folks were to demand that group of pirate humans for the Horde there would be the biggest tantrum in response ever seen on in the history of the World… of Warcraft.

In my setup for the Alteraci the Fogsail assist in the retaking of Alterac and its meant to include them too. :stuck_out_tongue:

Can you imagine the Horde getting humans with all three model options? (This isn’t meant to be mean to the Alliance, I’d want the model toggle for Kul’tirans too and honestly I wouldn’t mind it for SW humans either.)

OOOH, I see, my bad. I always see out of context sections. I’m sorry, I agree with your idea on the changes of pro-void elf. I agree too on jet black hair, like black that isn’t the typical color we are born with but like a bit like the night elf color black that is new. I liked that with blood elves they didn’t stick with the high elf norms and changed their colors from blue and silver to red and gold and green. Black hair blood elves recently got has texture that shows a non edgy more natural black where the black hair on humans and draeneis isn’t the same. Changes that stick with the nature of the race should be the only changes honestly. lol

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I would propose it but it would get false flagged by salty anti Horde Human players who would fall all over themselves wanting to defend uniqueness of humans. How dare the Horde want a carbon copy of a core Alliance race.

Thinking about it, I should make a high elf demands bingo card.

Then we can try to do a full blackout using their talking points to support Horde Humans.

What quest is that? lol
I didn’t even know about the details of the pirates fighting with horde, I just had some quests with them :o

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There’s also Alteracians too. The Orange Bandits in Alterac.

Oh, no worries!

Also yes, I agree with your post. My favorite Blood Elf hair color is actually blue. Maybe because of how it looks on them or just because they are so few and they kinda look mystical with it. Colors like that are amazing.

Still carries his Belf Paladin with jet black hair anyway

Its covered in the Horde War Campaign, and also several world quests show it.


Those are the Syndicate.

Mostly made up of Alteraci.

uh the faction assault in tiragarde sound. as horde you fight with them and alliance you repel them. kinda weird you never noticed this

the particular quest i took in that screenshot is “fogsail for a day” where boatswain mace gives you a pirate outfit buff and tells you to slay alliance and free any fogsail prisoners

Playable Horde Alteraci when?

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