Just Curious: Will Void Elves Be Given Normal Hair Options?

Even if just a few? For their normal skin tones? Or are they going to be stuck with those weird tentacly ones? Same with hair colors?


no, you gonna get tentacles in your hair and your gonna like it

real answer though, maybe? i think blizzard once said that they try not to make two identical races for both factions anymore after pandaren, and normal hairstyles will make them look just like blood elves.

maybe they will, but it probably won’t be the same as horde elf hairstyles


No. Absolutely no.

Void elves already got one source of individuality taken from them, they don’t need to have more taken from them.



Right now, since Blizz hasn’t said so yet, the answer is no. Lorewise they’re still void elves and have the unique void elf things. They aren’t totally copying blood elves.

No your going to be reminded that your shiny new High elf is just Void Elf with normal skin and eyes!

cue the outrage posts incoming for that snark

Besides, unless the Belves are getting the Velf hairstyles that wouldn’t really be cool. Velves are getting the skin and eye options as a compromise, if the hair comes too then its only fair to give the Velf hair/facial hair as well. Minus the tentacles of course.


Tbh, the Void Elves shouldn’t exist at all. They were an addition to the game, thanks to Horde favoritism.


I wouldn’t mind trading one over for the one you’ve got on right now, though.

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I’m starting a campaign for Taylor Swift Lover era void elf hair.

Blonde hair that fades into blue and pink! Make it happen Blizz!! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :blue_heart: :sparkling_heart:

I’m the only one of me, baby that’s the fun of me! You’re the only one of you, baby that’s the fun of you!!! :umbrella: :sparkles: :microphone: :notes:


Oh get over it already…they were given to try to quiet the cries for a Belf model on Alliance without totally copying a Horde race. Your getting the skins and eyes as a bonus. Get over it. Velves are not as crappy as some of you make it sound. What shouldn’t be happening is their identity stripped away to pacify the Pro helf gang.


I’m hoping at the very least they gave us the black hair that was in the preview for the race and that the Void Elf NPC in Boralus has.


I am always open to more options. I would love my BE to have tentacle hair.

Blood Elves have one of our beards, so it could be possible? I’m hoping we get new hairstyles and hair colors.


I agree. High Elves should be their own playable race. The fact that Blood Elves were given to the Horde was already a direct insult to Alliance players.

Then the fact that when we finally got our Quel’dorei race, they turned them into Void-infused variants, it was also a direct insult to Alliance players.

I’m not saying Void Elves couldn’t have been a thing. If Blizzard wanted to add in a Dark Elf race, by all means. But that shouldn’t have taken away the Alliance’s High Elf race from them. The Alliance had been waiting for over a decade to play their race. The same race that they had seen around the game, since Vanilla. That was always Alliance friendly, and Horde hostile, lol.

If you want to support the argument that High Elves should just became their own playable race, instead of these new skin tone options for Void Elves, I will support your argument whole-heartedly.


K, love your name. I had a night elf priest named Starmie once upon a moon.


Horde favoritism resulted in… the void elves… being given to the Alliance…


Honestly, it sounds like if they still held this opinion they wouldn’t be letting void elves “inherit” blood elf skin tones in the first place. Those skins will do more to stress void/blood elf similarity than hair styles/colors ever could.


Its not a direct insult to Alliance players except in the minds of a few who want to twist the lore to fit their narrative and not the narrative of the actual game. The Quel’dorei left the Alliance after the second war except for a few outliers. Then Arthas came and trashed everything and they reached out for help from the Alliance and got nothing but spies and sabotage sent to their homeland. Horde actually HELPED them, therefore you get the Blood Elves being a Horde race. They are NOT an Alliance race period, haven’t been for many, many years and do not need to be.

As to Void Elves, just because you didn’t get the exact thing you wanted, they aren’t ‘good enough’ well tough. You cried enough to get their identity trashed with the new customizations so enjoy you pretend High Elves while those who actually LIKE the Void Elves get their identity thrown away.


Imagine taking anything in this game as a “direct insult”. Maybe it’s time to take a step back and review priorities.


The Alliance forced the High elves out, just saying.


The answer is no


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Probably. There are void elves and high elves in Telogrus rift.