Just Curious: Will Void Elves Be Given Normal Hair Options?

Here we have a fine example of writing and logic from a typical qanon supporter.

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It really hurts to write this. But if HEs are really an alt-right fantasy we don’t deserve to have those options. Thank you for ruining high fantasy for me.

They had glowing eyes of one color and now they get a defined iris and sclera like blood elves always had and get it in the purple and blue colors.

Example of the old eyes and new

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Yup Yup , you say so.

I really don’t care left or right tbh.

It just stupid to see some people pulling customization demands to some “anti-fiction” level.


But you said they came with blue skin and purple eyes.

They didn’t.

Void elves came with blue skin and blue eyes originally.

I bet you think that the Horde is running a trafficking ring and that’s why you have such a vendetta.

PS: The pro-anti faction level stuff was created by your side.

Hmmm? What ? Logic?

LOL ! xD
That is sus, The high elf color theme armor they are wearing is pretty sus too

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To the surprise of no one I might add.


I know it’s hard for people to understand but some of us actually like Blood Elves and like being Horde and want to protect what little distinction they have left.

If that makes us decent people (SJW basically means a decent human being) for caring about something we’ve played since the original BC then fine.


From now on I’m going to make every post in a helf thread on a different alt so my valid opinions can’t be dismissed.

I’d anyone takes issue with me posting on alts. So sad, too bad.

But in your post you said it’s not so bad if people asks for white and black hair.

How come now is this destroying the Blood Elves? :eyes:

It’s a slippery slope.

I’ll apologize to all Blood Elves for wanting to destroy their race saying I want their black color.

From now on, I’ll say I want the Humans black hair color, the Night Elf black hair color, the Draenei black hair color, not the Blood Elf black color!



Because the more incessant the demands the farther I’m pushed to the opposition out of annoyance.

I used to be neutral until the helf fan behavior polarized me opposite of theirs.

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The visual distinction argument against natural toned hair colors is solid whether you like it or not.

We wouldn’t be here discussing Blizzards reluctance to give the hair colors if it wasn’t a sound reason to not allow VEs to replicate BEs to the fullest.

I do agree with you in many things actually. And I want both races separate, which is why I always vouch for Void related customizations (that’s not tentacles, Blizzard clips too much). I even propose some Void stuff like half arm being ethereal, like the Forsaken’s arms with bones, but the Void elves just having ethereal and stuff.

I’d never ask for Belf hair and I never, ever asked for Belf skin. But a hair color is like… the most harmless stuff one could ever ask for and people got mad for it.

Yet, Death Knights and Demon Hunters have natural hair colors. No, is not solid in the slightest. You can have natural skin but not natural hair?

Blood Elves didn’t even have jet black hair color until this expansion. It’s not like that color even belonged to them. Blizzard didn’t say “Hey let’s keep them separated by not giving them black hair”. Otherwise they’d have not given the Void Elves the natural skin they didn’t have.

That’s something you’re all making up here.

Thinking about it. If Blizzard wanted to give Void Elves the Blood Elf assets they would have done it when they were using Blood Elf customization time to reward the complaining behavior of Void Elves with Blood Elf skin tones?

I already admitted to running into issues with void elf hair not working out and that I have light skin on my void elf characters that I moonlight on when I feel like it, while not in support of the new changes they get and have already received and that it’s clear to want new hair options, there is a struggle but demanding the appearance that doesn’t belong with the existence of the elf is ridiculous. If they get anything, they should get edgy hair and different colors that aren’t blonde, brown, red, etc. So, there is a difference in the “downfall of a race” and the idea of a horde race being catered to qq’ers just doesn’t fly.

Suppose people are milking Blizz to give new looks to void elves and not any other allied race so that they look more like blood elves yet won’t roll a blood elf that literally has the hair colors that seem to be requested and have the eye colors, including gold and green and want their void elves not to look how they are meant to. In that case, that isn’t what id call an inaccurate take on the alliance wanting blood elves 2.0 and won’t roll a blood elf if they want that so bad. The void elf as it is now isn’t enough; obviously, they ask for alliance blood elves which is one way to call “downfall of blood elf race” If they want normal hair, they should re-roll.


While I’m happy for my one high elf loving friend getting the skin tones she wanted, I think it was a huge mistake on Blizzard’s part because they showed that they would cave to prolonged loud tantrums.

Instead of taking the compromise, the high elf fandom has taken the compromise as an excuse to make more incessant demands.