Just A Little Help

Hello ladies and gents! “Just A Little Help” is looking for more players! We are a community that sole purpose is to help others. I am sick of seeing people getting kicked because they are new and don’t know the tactics, or aren’t pulling dps they should be in a normal or even heroic/mythic+. So we decided to make a place where everyone can help each other gear up and learn your character instead of just talking down on you and kicking you. Or just give you a stress free run. If you’re getting camped by some bums in PVP we can come along and help with that also. So feel free to join this community if you WANT to help, or need the help. We are both horde and alliance. With that being said, this isn’t just a endgame community, if you’re still leveling that’s cool too, everyone started somewhere. I feel like people forget this. And we do have a discord, but since i cannot put links here, We will just give it to you when you join.

Horde side: Community Code: E0Y0ooDhWzZ

Alliance side: Community Code: ZKrKB4Rsq2a


<3 this!
our guild looks for the same thing. Sadly, we’ve found many times the community channels don’t get a lot of attention. Thanks for helping out!

(I’ll add our plug. don’t kill me!)

I tried joining the Alliance community, but it says Internal Error when I try to join :confused: