Joyous Journey is a weird hill to die on

Is it me or am I the only one who thinks the PRO JJ threads, especially the ones saying “ADD IT BACK OR I’LL be UNSUBBING” isn’t that a really weird hill to die on?

We already have: Mage & Warrior Boosts (nerfed), Level Boosts, Heirlooms, 3.x Wrath nerfs to total XP required 1-60 and 60-70. Oh, and 50% XP buff for the ENTIRE prepatch.

What more do you need? Instant 70 or 80 on login?

If you want a server with higher XP rates than Blizzlike, Private Servers is there for you, but I don’t recommend them for obvious reasons.


Why would you think it’s a weird hill to die on? It’s coming from people who say they “don’t have enough time” because of their wife, their kids, their job, their time zone, their fish tank, and anything else they can think of off the top of their heads, real or imagined.

They want an army of alts like they have in retail. They don’t realize or don’t care retail is in the state it’s in precisely for the reasons they’re craving. It’s a very short-sighted and narrow point-of-view. “Give us JJ back or else we’ll unsub!” Uh? Isn’t a wow sub’s main point the retail version? Is it that bad? And furthermore if it is, why do they want to lead WotLK classic down the same path that made wow into its current version?


If I bought tickets to a football game and then complained the match took an hour, would that it reasonable even if I didn’t have enough time? No, I don’t think it would.

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Questing is just a means to an end for majority of players. And we have done it so many times. I dont see a downside to it being faster for 1-70


It’s my perception that it’s not a ‘hill they will die on’. They’re just venting their frustration and/or being a troll.


Adding more and more XP buffing tools on top of existing XP buffing tools, some of which didn’t come out in OG wrath, is a recipe for exploit disaster and faster burn out.

Retail levelling is like 5% of the expansion or a similar very small amount - The old school expansions aren’t built like Retail. Levelling is the main thing you do in Wrath.

I dont agree with that at all. Most people spend the majority of their times doing dungeons, raids, or pvp at max

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I’m actually pro JJ if it’ll get people to stop begging for RDF on 37 alts

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Professions, reputation, collecting stuff and achievements.

Just adding to your list of things people do besides level.

Key word: “at max”. The time to level to 1-80 is prob the majority of an average /played. Hence, they spent most of their time levelling.

WoW sub’s main point being the retail version might be true for you. Personally I haven’t subbed for retail in a long time and that’s prob true for a lot of people on this forum.

This is the truely weird hill to die on in this thread.

That’d be nice yeah

I mean, it would be nice.

Joyus Journeys was an accelerated 1-70 experience. Let people launch themselves through the lower levels to join alts at the top. No one is asking for JJ for 70-80. The only thing it does affect is peoples ability to bring alts up to snuff to which can only be healthy for the game. I find myself envious of other peoples classes and a desire to branch out and try more things and its a shame I can only experience those things in the lowest levels without a very significant time investment without JJ. There still is a grind, it by no means eliminates it. It just makes it a bit smaller. I think with classic more is better. I want more top level characters who can bg, arena, raid and dungeon. If you enjoy DK and aren’t interested in anything outside of that character. Good for you, but sometimes the mood swings and instead of Rogue or Priest I wanna play Warlock and not spend literal months. I can definitely say that’d burn me out fast.

I can honestly say I’m disheartened to look at what the pace looks like for lower-level characters and won’t explore it until 1 or 2 of my characters hit 80 but I can definitely say it doesn’t bode well and doesn’t appear as a worth-while time investment when all it means to blizzard is a 1 or a 0 in their code to improve gameplay.


I just feel like the flow with Joyous Journeys was nice. It really eliminated those awkward levels when you are too low for one area or dungeon but have exhausted all the quests where you’re supposed to be. Game felt right.


Yeah, but that’s before heirlooms. Don’t you think both of them stacking might be too OP?

Baseless whining is pretty much the last remaining purpose of these forums.

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Maybe but that’s kinda the fun of heirlooms. It feels rewarding. And its also pretty hard to get all of them, I remember investing a while to get a full set for casters and not really having it in me to get the same for melee

Ohh, so what you just did.

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