Joyous Journey is a weird hill to die on

Yeah but it felt rewarding to get old-world blues and epics like the Staff of Jordan. Felt like real upgrade vs looking the same. I prefer if Heirlooms weren’t apart of gear or just 1 gear like a cloak that you levelled up. And yes asmongold made this take too!

That’s true too, heirlooms did make everything else moot. Maybe making them like wayyy harder to get so that you’re lucky if you have one piece.

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i wish i was as good as you at making these troll threads

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forum gaming

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Before and after wrath prepatch are totally different games. You can easily farm 3x more mobs with less effort than in tbc.

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Tell me what this means stunbot

No idea why they had it in the first place - once people got used to 150% EXP, everything feels really slow and sluggish without it.

Yea, just lower the time spent doing the content they created for you to do and sold to you that took years to create

People want to spend as little time playing this game as possible.

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If I wanted to create a flame bait thread I would have written a thread about suing blizzard for violating my rights as a consumer by allowing other people to benefit from a service that I can’t use.

I would have compared it to those cake bakers that don’t serve folks.

And yes

I would only use two periods for four paragraphs


this is warth classic though. if we wanted to level 1-60 slow we would play vanilla.

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Get heirlooms?

Exactly, no need for JJ with heirlooms.

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Yes it’s Wrath classic.

That’s why 1-60 should be like it was in Wrath classic (which is already MUCH faster and easier than vanilla).

Blizzard is already hosing Wrath with stupid changes, we don’t need more.

Wrong - so, so, wrong.

By Wrath we have dailies, multiple raid lock-outs, various PVP gearing systems, and dungeons with dailies and badges and reputation.

No one spends most of Wrath leveling - other than people who level to 80 and quit.

I will simply corpse walk to the hill and revive and continue leveling

The average gamer never hits max level in an MMO.

Leveling fast is just nice.
Getting gold to pay a mage to boost you, or reaching max level to grind heirlooms to get an exp boost isn’t the same as just leveling up normally but with an exp boost.
Heirlooms are an interesting idea, I don’t want them to replace itemization while leveling though, getting new gear is part of the fun and heirlooms remove that part of the experience.
Maybe there should just be a single heirloom like a ring that gives a 50% exp boost alone.
It could be part of the deluxe version of the game or sold individually on the cash shop. I’m sure a lot of people would get it.

Its not wierd its the entitled millenials that want things handed to them in a game instead of earning it like the rest of us had to do without the buff and didnt get a mount until 40 instead of 20.

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Exactly, 100% agreed Candlehunt.