Join Valhalla AUS/NZ - the ultimate platform for WoW players in OCE!

Are you tired of struggling to find players to join your raid teams, run keys with or just build a community around? We have all noticed the challenges of recruiting and finding players. Look no further than Valhalla! We are a community linked primarily through discord, spanning across all the OCE Servers.

At Valhalla, we are dedicated to solving the player fall-off problem by creating the largest community in OCE. We offer a range of groups connected through discord and WoW communities, giving you access to a huge player pool for all your gaming needs.

We welcome new players, returning players, and entire guilds struggling with numbers. Our community is the perfect home for anyone looking to improve their gameplay, connect with like-minded individuals, and build a thriving WoW community.

At Valhalla, we offer a range of raid teams to join at all stages of progress, whether you want to take a step up or a step back to suit your real-life needs. You’ll have the opportunity to connect with players from all over OCE and be part of a massive community with a range of interests.

Don’t wait - join Valhalla today and become part of the largest and most dedicated WoW community in OCE!

8 Raid teams – Joining Valhalla you can find a raid team to suit a time and skill level suited to you.

Berserker Mythic Raid Team
Thursday, Sunday and Monday 8-10.30pm ST
10/10H 9/10M SOD 11/11H 7/11M SEP 8/8H 8/8M CE VoTI Aberrus 9/9M CE

Freya Mythic Raid Team (New Zealand based Raid team)
Wednesday and Sunday 6-9pm ST
10/10H 4/10M SOD 11/11N 11/11H 4/11M SEP 8/8H 5/8M VoTI Aberrus 8/9M

Ragnar Mythic Raid Team
Wednesday and Sunday 8-10.30pm ST
10/10H 4/10M SOD 11/11H 2/11M SEP 8/8H 7/8M VoTI Aberrus 8/9M

Drakkar Mythic Raid Team
Wednesday and Sunday 8-10.30pm ST
10/11N 11/11H SEP 8/8H 5/8M VoTI Aberrus 7/9M

Ivar Heroic Raid Team
Wednesday and Monday 8-10.30pm ST
11/11N 11/11H SEP 8/8N 8/8H VoTI

Bjorn Heroic Raid Team (New Zealand based Raid team)
Thursday and Monday 6.00-9.00pm ST
11/11N 11/11H SEP 8/8N 8/8H VoTI

Odin Heroic Raid Team
Thursday and Monday 8.30-10.30pm ST
8/8H VoTI

Floki Heroic Raid Team
Thursday and Sunday 8-10pm ST
8/8H VoTI

The first step is to join the community and become an active member. This can be done by joining the community Discord server or other communication channels and participating in events and discussions.

Attend open raids: The community runs open raids every weekend for new members to try out. These are typically announced on the community’s Discord server or website. Attending these runs and performing well is a great way to get noticed by the raid team leaders.

Submit logs or examples of your abilities: If you’re an experienced raider, you may want to submit logs or examples of your abilities directly to each team’s leadership. This can demonstrate your skills and experience to the raid team leaders and improve your chances of being invited to join a team.

Receive an invitation: Once the raid team leaders have identified potential new members through open raids or log submissions, they may extend an invitation to join the team.

What makes Valhalla different from other guilds? Its different, its something that died away in the Vanilla days, the concept of a big guild. Here are a few important points to consider:

- Over 1400 members on discord (largest community OCE)
- 8 raid teams and growing
- Channels with people running every level of key from a +2 to +20 keys daily
- Achievement raid runs from old content to current raid tier
- Crafting channels for every profession
- In guild meet ups each year for drinks in most states
- Class channels to ask questions and request mentoring and help

If this is something that interests you please post a reply and one of our officers or Ambassadors will get in touch! We encourage you to come have a look at our discord and see what is happening, if you like what you see, consider joining.


Hi I’m Tyrazar RL from the raid team Drakkar. We are looking to improve on our current 3/8 raid ranking and are looking for great players to join our team. Our team is made up of past CE players and new raiders, parents, teachers and everything in between. If you are looking to join a team who want to progress and achieve something better in 10.1 Embers of Neltharion then please get in touch! you can contact me through discord on Tyrazar#1607 or Battle tag Tyrazar#1442


Howdy, I am Aig, one of the RL’s for Ivar raid, we are an aotc focused raid team, who have achieved it every tier since our beginning’s in s3 in SL. We are relaxed and like to have a lot of banter in between pulls/bosses, but we do require a minimum standard of performance so we can keep meeting our aims of AOTC each tier.

We are stepping into M raids 1 night a week and H clearing the other night

Recruitment desires last edited:- 01/09/23
Ivar is currently recruiting:-
2 healers preference on Holy paladin and MW monk
1 Tank non-BDK pref Vengeance
Enhance Shammy
Other classes/specs for all will be considered, but we are full on DK’s and Warlocks

Current prog:- 9/9H 1/9M, … 2/9M with us as apart of Baldr team

Look forward to raiding and m+ing with you all



Hello everyone, I’m Fatal RL from Bjorn, the second Kiwi raid team. Currently, we are raiding on Heroic difficulty once a week until the end of Season 1. Once Season 2 starts, we will go back to our usual schedule of two raid nights per week.

We’re looking to increase our current raid team’s numbers, with a particular need for a DPS Priest, Mages, and Demon Hunters, but we also have open spots for Melee DPS.

If you’re interested, please get in touch with us. Thank you!


Hey there! What server time does your guild seem to be active in general? My hours are quite strange, generally 6-8pm m-f and then 7am-10am m-f.


Hey Mangoh, pretty much between 9am where there may be 15-20 online until night when there is anywhere from 50-100. If you take into account the entire community on discord there are hundreds around for keys and raids at any given stage.


Feel free to join our discord and have a look at when the activities are happening :slight_smile:


Team Drakkar are lining up for a massive 10.1!


Hi Fam,

I’m one of the RLs for Team Berserker. Currently progging on Mythic Raszageth. We’re always looking for any exceptional members. Please feel free to hit us up if you’re keen!

Cheers <3


G’day, I just joined the Discord community.

May I please ask what is required to be able to view the open raid nights?

Thanks very much


Hi Alaara!

Open raid has a requirement of 365+ ilvl. Sign up is in the Open Raid channel. We also run a closed raid with a min 390 ilvl you can sign up to in the closed raid channel. Any issues please dont be afraid to ask in discord :slight_smile:


Teams are recruiting for 10.1, get in now to have a chance to raid with one of our amazing raid teams! This will be the biggest season yet for Valhalla with 8 raid teams going hard into raid like never before!


I’ve send you some info about the discord in a DM, let me know if you have any questions :slight_smile:


Raz dies soon! Beserkers are smashing this raid! Expect big things in 10.1!


4 X mythic raid teams, 4 X heroic raid teams. Get in now before 10.1 hits and be part of a massive community!


HI~may i join? do you accept casual player who still want to do normal raid or low key M+?


Hey mate, we sure do! We have a huge social group in the community! Please feel free to sign up to Valhalla on Nagrand! we are all connected through discord so try this link and Shoot me a message when your online and i can run you through the ropes!


Our weekly open raid runs friday at 7pm-9pm ST - Min ilvl for tryouts is 365. There are 8 raid teams watching these logs looking for new players. Join the discord today and sign up!


Raid leader of Ragnar team here. We just hit 6/8 M with a nice dathea 1 platform burn. Onwards to Brood since everyone so keen.

Roster is fairly hefty right now but moderate interest in.

Ret Paladin
Dev Evoker

Otherwise still interested to hear from any great DPS players.


Valhalla has an alliance guild growing super fast and full of friendly people. come join the fun skol!