LF 2 night a week mythic guild

Just seeing what’s out there. Ex CE from many moons ago, raiding casually atm.
Preferably Sunday and Monday but flexible. Late nights are also fine. Cheers

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Hey Wvlf!

Below is a link to our guilds recruitment post. If you like what you see please reach out! Or you can message me direct for more info :slight_smile:


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We’re an Alli Guild raiding on Nagrand/Cael/Saurfang.
LF Players to raid Mythic next tier - we like to have a laugh but also get things done.

We raid Mon / Thurs 8.30-11pm AEST.

Got 3/8 This tier - aiming to push a little harder next tier.

Hit me up on BNet Notyetfamous#1209 or Disc Opekun#3858

Hello Wvlf

I am from TWM and run a team called Apex
We raid Sun/Mon 19:30 - 22:30st
This was our first raid tier as a team and we reached 5M and will be picking up the pace a little for this tier
Below link is a bit more detail and some details
Would love to hear from you

Bump - Sunday/Monday or late night