Jingles pet issues - cannot stone, no holiday appearance, Unknown name

Merry Winter Veil! The only thing not-so-merry is that the new Jingles battle pet that comes from the Shaking Pet Carrier in one of the gifts appears to have some… issues.

#1) You cannot apply a pet stone to Jingles to level him up to 25, though he (she?) can be leveled through traditional battling means.

#2) When summoned, Jingles’ name is displayed as “Unknown”.

#3) And most heartbreakingly, for many people, Jingles does not appear with his holiday garb (the candy cane and wreath around his neck). Confirmed through other users that the breed appears exactly the same, but when summoned, some users have the holiday appearance, and some don’t. And on top of this you can only ever learn it once, and cannot unlearn it to try again for the holiday appearance version.

Thinking maybe there are some bugs with our new festive friend?


Pet bonus week so put on the safari hat and do 2 pet battles with a Legion Trainer today it is Robert Craig in Stormheim for NA, with the hat it is 2 battles to get to lvl 25.


I don’t even see Jingles in my pet journal. It says added (without the actual name showing up ["____ was added to your pet journal"]) but I can’t even find it. When I opened my presents this year the gifts said soulbound (instead of the usual “add toy” etc). I then got an error with the wreath saying it couldn’t be added to my account.

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I haven’t tried #1, but #2 and 3 are true for me, as well.

Can verify name shows as unknown on summon.

Oddly, when I summoned him, he had no wreath. When I dismissed him, the wreath appeared and showed when I summoned him again.

Also, no achievement for this years gift?

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Also have Unknown as Jingles name when summoned.


Also unable to stone Jingles, and it displays as “Unknown” when summoned.


Same issues. Shows as Jingles in the journal, summons as “Unknown”. I can rename him, then set name back to default and he keeps the name Jingles…until he’s unsummoned or resummoned.

Also, still no holiday appearance for me, either. Tried summoning him multiple times on multiple chars, always comes out naked. Thought maybe the appearance was rare, so I went and got the present on an alt, can’t learn him more than once and can’t cage him to try my luck again.

And yeah, no feat of strength either, unfortunately.


Same issues here too. :frowning: I have not tried to use a stone, but no festive look and Uknown name.

Mine is also Unknown and non festive.

I leveled him the ‘normal’ way, so unsure if he was un-stoneable, but mine is also ‘Unknown’, has no Christmas apparatus, and I did not get the Feat of Strength.

No festive Jingles here, either.

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Jingles is lacking in his festive here as well. :frowning:

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Same with my Jingles, no festive love or no name, just ‘unknown’ upon summoning, and that is the same across all my toons. Please help blizz!

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No festive attire on my Jingles either. :frowning:

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My Jingles also doesn’t have the festive attire. I tried to learn it on another character- but I can’t even abandon and try again. :worried: I’m sad.


I also don’t have the wreath/candy cane. I REALLY hope that’s a bug and not RNG, especially because you only have one try. You can’t delete/release the pet and try to see what you get on a different character, plus you an only ever have one.

Getting the one with the holiday attire seems to be really rare, too, so it’s like some really twisted feat of strength most people have no chance to achieve.


No holiday decorations on my Jingles either. And I can’t learn more of them or cage this one to try to get a decorated one.

Wowhead comment sums it up pretty well. Please fix this before the event ends, thank you!

“I got the plain one, and can’t learn more. So there’s two models, you don’t know what it is til you learn it, then you are stuck with it - can’t cage, can’t trade, etc. It stays the plain one with each summon so it doesn’t change with that either.”

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Same issues as stated. My Jingles is also “Unknown” when summoned and has no festive garb. Was pretty disappointed when I noticed :disappointed:

I didn’t even know he had a “holiday” appearance. He’s showing as a normal baby purple raptor to me.

And after just now summoning him on an alt character that was not the one to unwrap him he is showing the holiday appearance (but it was not showing in the pet log) he has the holiday look but he is now “Unknown”. I don’t have any tokens to try and power level him with.

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