Jingles pet issues - cannot stone, no holiday appearance, Unknown name

I’m having this same issue. The you appears as a soulbound item, not a toy.

The pet was only used on the first character I tried with, and did not appear in my pet journal. Whenever I try on another character it says I have already learned the spell, even though it isn’t there.

I’m having the same issues too… well, except for the holiday gear, my “Unknown” has a candy cane and wreath. That aside, its name is “Unknown” and I’m unable to get Jingles stoned :wink:
Guess I’ll battle him up /shrug. I was going to do Ashley in Shadowmoon (WoD) because the Sprite Darter can solo the fight. The Safari Hat and some pet treats should make it take 2-3 days (You can only fight Ashley once per day). I could do MoP pet trainers, it’d only take a couple fights there too.

I’m torn between waiting for them to fix the issue and just battling to get it over with. Thoughts? lol

Can confirm that I had an unknown Jingles but got the wreath/cane, but another pet-loving guildie friend just opened her Jingles today but got no wreath/cane, and she’s heartbroken over it. :frowning:

Please fix our new little holiday friend so that everyone can enjoy the cuteness! :hearts:


I picked up Jingles before most of my guild and so far, I’m the only one that has the non-festive version. Upsetting as all hell too, cause the festive version is freaking adorable!! Just wish I could box the current one and try again :frowning:

I also have the same issue of “Unknown” name tag and haven’t tried the level stone.


If you search for Jingles in the search bar, he’s there. But because the name is “Unknown,” he doesn’t show up correctly in the list.

I am having the same issues with no festive wear and appearing as Unknown when summoned. I have tried summoning him multiple times and on alts. No luck.

Same here, no holiday look, and is called unknown. I REALLY want the holiday version and I can’t even try on my alts.

No battle stones to try leveling him though.

When I first summoned Jingles, I got the plain version. The 5th time I summoned it, I got the holiday version. After that it was the plain version again

Given that in this, the Year of Our Lord 2020, the extra accessories that disappeared off of Legion and earlier pets like the Young Mutant Warturtles and Blind Rats are still gone I don’t have a lot of hope for this one, unfortunately.

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Same issue as everyone else - non festive version and shows the name as “unknown”.

Same here. No wreath/candy cane and named “Unknown”.

Having all the same issues, hopefully this is fixed soon. Also not mentioned, I don’t know if it’s intended or not, but he cannot be caged either.

I really hope that him not looking festive for people is a bug, because if it’s not, then Blizz just made a ton of people unhappy. It’s named Jingles and is supposed to be a festive Winter Veil pet, but for most of us it’s just a purple raptor. I admit I was very confused when I got it because it seemed odd for a holiday pet. Please make it so that all Jingles are festive. The fact that we couldn’t even try again for a festive one was even more disappointing. If this was planned and not a bug, then it was a very bad plan.


Has anyone seen/heard anything from blizz at least acknowledging the fact that it’s name is “unknown” and things used on it always say “out of range” ? That at the very least indicates there’s something wrong with the pet.

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Just to add a voice to ‘same issue here’

Yep. I lugged Jingles around the old WoD zones doing the weekly pet battle quest from the garrison to level him up (you can get from 1 to 23 just doing 5 ). When you go back to the garrison to turn it in you get 10 stones as a reward and I was unable to use them to get Jingles from 23 to 25.

His name was stuck as “Unknown” and when I tried to use the stones it said I was too far away.

Not a single thing.

Ditto. Experiencing the exact same issue. The Jingles battle pet can not be leveled up using a [Beast Battle-Training Stone], [Flawless Battle-Training Stone], or [Ultimate Battle-Training Stone] items.

Still an issue, would be nice if it could be fixed…

Yep my Jingles still is named Unknown.