Jingles missing. Anyone else?

Can’t stone it earlier. Now it’s been gone. Is this just me alone?

Jingles is still in my Pet Journal. Still named “Unknown” when summoned and can’t use any consumable on it: Jingles pet issues - cannot stone, no holiday appearance, Unknown name

Make sure you don’t have any filters on and check again. If it’s still not in your Pet Journal, maybe try putting in a ticket?

I just checked and mine is missing too. I know there were a few bugs with the pet; couldn’t use stones on it because it’s name showed up in game as Unknown and some didn’t have the holiday decorations. But I was able to get mine to 25 during pet battle week.

I have a couple other characters where I gathered the presents but didn’t open them, I’ll have to see it they have a pet cage with Jingles. Hopefully they’re fixing the bugs associated with it but I think I’ll fill out a ticket anyway.

Edit, after further review I checked in game and it’s still there, even with the name Jingles, although no holiday decorations. I had searched the armory and it doesn’t show up as either Jingles or “Unknown” so make sure you check in game and if missing, I’d definitely put in a ticket.