It's time to ban AV premaders. There is no plausible deniability anymore

As i’ve stated before, you’re not winning this one.

Why do you continue? Lol

Edit; The zug zug is strong with this one.


Instead of bans just strip all their pvp titles and awards and make them restart the honor grinds. Repeat if repeat offender


We got the Police in here now boys, watch out.


It’s funny that all of you think premading requires ZERO pvp… when every other game we ended with 200-300 HKs, and a max of 10 deaths. That’s PvP friend. That’s us STOMPING you out… in PvP… We still earned it, and are better at earning it. I’m sorry we are competitive in nature and don’t want to roll over to 100% loss in AV pugs all day.

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I’m just an innocent seabear

:fish: :bear:

Did you guys read the same post everyone else read? This doesn’t scream anti-premade but a fix to the mass amount of empty lobbies spawned and adding in the ability to group q.

Those 3 hours Q’s have really made you delusional I guess.

neither is clicking “join queue”, baby girl


As long as the premades exist, mass report abuse will exist. That was one of the “pain points”

Alliance pugs will evolve soon and it is not that bad at start as before(15 vs 40).
Long live Alliance premade.
Have fun.
Cry more.
Thank you.

Nowhere in their AV Adjustment post does it hint towards the mass reporting.

You sound like you want to win every match. 80% win rate for horde in av not good enough? lol

Is your argument really “they didn’t use these exact words, therefor it is okay?”

How are people still premading?

My argument?

Are you aware what precedent means? Or do you really think a post that has 0 reference to abuse of their report system is Blizzard sending a loud and clear message?

So yes, your argument really is the pedantic one.

First off you don’t speak for anybody but yourself, and if you did then everybody would have moved over to WSG where more hph is to be had. Secondly, I have already played quite a few 1-2 hour AV games, including summons and such. Lastly you keep touting “but, but I was a justicar in retail!”. Nobody here cares about retail and if you’re trying to dodge fights in a BG just to get the rewards and titles you aren’t a real pvper, sorry. You and many others want the rewards with no resistance, would probably just buy them in the shop if you could and it’s PATHETIC.

All this is clear and simple to those who can’t understand why you can’t premade more than 5 people. Does the join as party button allow you to queue past 5 people? No? thought so. You’re tricking an in-game mechanism to spawn yourself all into the same instance, which is abusing the system.

Now I don’t care about your premades anymore, most are just ragtags and easily squashed. The meta has switched for any serious ranker. Just by looking at forums/reddit, A lot of you transfered to be in a WSG premade. The meta isn’t gonna magically switch because you found a way around the new hotfix.

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lmao theres no exploit. Horde back door and take advantage of in-game flaws to win, you should get banned for that 100%.

All alliance are doing is pressing a button at the same time and entering AV lmao. What exploit are we using?

Such is the cycle. I get to sit and laugh at you while you complain on these very forums. I finished ranking weeks ago though. I could care less what happens either way. Although, I actually dont foresee anything changing. Blizzard tried to prevent games from starting with less than 20 people because of premades and they succeeded in doing that. There isn’t much incentive for them to dismantle premades again at this point.

LMFAO - So now organized group play is considered ban worthy in your eyes.

You do realize this is a MMORPG, right?