"it's not cheating or an exploit, it's a clever use of game mechanics which Blizz tolerates and actually encourages"

No… against people who didn’t exploit, because you are jealous of their streamer privileged.

Their streamer privilege being allowed to exploit indefinitely. They did exploit, they livestreamed it. Normally I’d say just use your eyes, but the visual data they receive is filtered through your brain so it’s probably a lost cause.


Bu that didn’t happen… so you are ranting about nothing

I’m ranting about you, so yes, nothing.

I didnt get a beta, because streamers are more important than beta veterans with bug report histories and a background in software engineering (and therefore acceptance testing and edge case finding) apparently lol. Not to say I deserve special treatment or whatever, but the closed beta was mostly a PR stunt and there werent necessarily a whole lot of people actually beta testing…they were playing the game like it was launch and finding bugs/exploits to sit on for the real launch apparently

I legitimately didnt know people were respawning bosses in front of their characters without resetting on beta, but im not shocked at all. Still really surprised it took this long for people to bring real attention to it


Correct… We are discussing nothing, because it didn’t happen the way you are saying it did.

In your world, maybe. Here in this one, they kept going and looted everything in the way a second time for the sole reason of obtaining an advantage via an exploit. If getting back to Rag was the only concern, they could have simply not done this. They did anyway, because they are scum.

Perma ban every exploiter.

These morons did it live on streams FFS.


Gm said they could do it… no exploiting. They reported the bug when it happened… and then were allowed to continue

They didn’t do it again


Are you talking about Esfand? I’m pretty sure it happened accidentally, they reported it to Blizzard, and then never did it again.

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No exploiting, other than all of that exploiting they did on the way back to Rag, getting two boss clears worth of gear in one lockout period. Knowing all the while they could have just not looted them on the way back. Even if you accept that GM is the definitive ruling, then you have explicit transfers of unearned extra loot from Blizz to streamers which is pretty disgusting anyway. To be fair, I think Blizz is very scummy nowadays too.


The cheat is devastating to the economy and to the general sense of fair-play. Blizzard better hit hard, perma-ban, confiscation of the goods and gold generated.

But you can be sure the cheaters have moved as much of the wealth and materials off to other non-compromised accounts.

Any streamers that exposed or promoted this should be barred from playing the game in the future. (have their account and any future accounts banned). It is that bad an exploit.


they don’t have a good history when it comes to punishing streamers


It’s going to be funny to see these server’s full of 10,000 level 1 people in trade chat saying “FREE x” when they gets banned.

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30+ days and all gains taken away, or it’s nothing more than a “slap to the face” to honest/unaware peeps!

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Exposing it is a good thing, that is how Blizzard and everyone else knows about it now. Blizzard has to fix this now.

Promoting it and using it, that should be bannable. This is a huge exploit. How do you even catch people that are farming a boss in a dungeon though?

They should be able to tell where it went, and they should remove the items. Shame if it impacts other players who bought them but in diablo they made duped items disappear even if you traded for them legitimately, sometimes that’s the way it goes.

I like how it just “happened” to your guild group and you “kept it quiet”.

Not a chance, junior. You exploited this just as much and are trying to save face. Enjoy your potential ban in the near future.

Yeah you know exactly what we did because you were there the entire time right champ?

It wasnt something that needed extensive set up or anything for it to work, wasnt exactly complicated but you’re an expert so i dont need to tell you the repro steps.

Youre ridiculous. Yeah def lying about all this to save face on the forums to random dudes because im sure blizz would ban off of my forum posts and not my actual account actions. Makes a ton of sense to talk about it all over the forums if i exploited it a bunch

Feel free to roll a toon on Skeram and watch me never get banned :slight_smile:

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Would someone be so kind as to explain what we are all in an uproar about this time? Is it just general layering abuse or was a boss/mob being layer farmed. Thank you in advance.