"it's not cheating or an exploit, it's a clever use of game mechanics which Blizz tolerates and actually encourages"

And then kept exploiting it, including looting the spawned bosses. Because they’re scummy.

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I haven’t heard that.

It was streamed, at one point one of them actually notes they shouldn’t be doing it and then they do it anyway.

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Hope the ban hammer going bersek stance


I actually like the suggestion made by a certain streamer that i won’t name. A weeks worth of ban time for every time they killed a boss using the exploit. So you killed that boss 25 times? 25 weeks off.


Esfand reported it and had a CM along with his group to show them what was happening. IMO Esfand took the correct action and should be fine here.


If it looks like they were also exploiting group grind mechanics I’d go with a month ban and roll their toons back to level 20, 1g, no bank slots, nothing bigger than 8 slot bags, and remove all items you normally wouldn’t have at level 20.

But most importantly tell people that’s what you’re doing.


I heard them talk about one instance… but it was only one… and they reported it.

And kept doing it. Because scum.

I don’t think so.

That sounds like a personal problem.

I don’t think sticking to the truth is a problem

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That was a big scam, he knew what he was doing, that was pure manipulation to squeeze and extra round of MC loot out before it got fixed


They hadn’t yet killed rag, and that was their goal. The GM said to go ahead so they didn’t have to sit around twiddling their thumbs.

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Apparently it is for you.

He still contacted Blizz and they made the call to let them continue on. Do i think he was being a saint? Hell no, and he probably only contacted Blizz to cover his butt but he still did contact them

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You didn’t read the beta forums, did you, this was clearly reported to Blizzard … no, not this specific single exploit, the whole house-of-cards design Layering was based on simply made layer hopping easy and this specific example is simply one of many.

Blizzard were warned, as in the BFA beta Blizzard ignore the players … and just as the Artifact Armor grind came back to bite them in the a$$ so will leyering exploits.


No… I think you just have some sort of weird vendetta

Against people defending exploiting filth, yes.


Also strip them of all gear and gold and knock them back to level 1. Wont have to hear them say “worth” like they have in the past when caught cheating.