"it's not cheating or an exploit, it's a clever use of game mechanics which Blizz tolerates and actually encourages"

lmao, good riddance to those unethical tools defending layering abuse.


Good riddance if Blizz actually would do something about them, but they probably lack the conviction.


Eh, Blizzard has a history of punishing people actually…

Especially when it comes to raids…


This is one of the worst exploits I’ve seen in years. Ive known about it for over a week because it happened to my guild group. Reported it and kept it quiet, and never used it.

We didnt tell a soul and ran out to reset like normal because any experienced player can tell what is an exploit and what is clever use of game mechanics. When you watch a boss respawn in front of you and youve been playing this game for awhile, you should know better

Shame on the streamers for publicizing and encouraging it too. I was shocked at how well kept of a secret it was, honestly. Gamebreaking.

edit: by streamers im not talking about esfand, there were a handful of other people that WERE streaming the actual exploit, like repro steps and everything


It’s almost up there with actual item duping. Not as effective, but close and the same destructive goal.

The question really is how hard will they come down on them. Hopefully 30+ days, and tbh I’d be ok with much more severe, even perma ban.


Imo, a minimum of a week (miss the raid lockout) plus a rollback of any items acquired via the exploit as well. Would be a good idea to banhammer the streamers that were showing it off too, make an example. Im not usually one for the “make an example out of them!” mindset, but given the influence of these streamers in 2019 and all the other harm theyve caused so far, its necessary at this point. Its not like they were showing it off as a display of reproduction, they were literally using it on stream…


“It was almost as if millions of streamers and their fans cried out in terror and then and were suddenly silenced…”

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I’d say ban the accounts of the exploiters and ensure the removal of their ill gotten gains. Also be sure they’re streaming when the message comes up and they find they can’t log in anymore.


A week just means next exploit people will do it with the notion of “hey worst that will happen is I lose a week”. 30 days has a real bite to it and actually sets you back.


Oh yeah absolutely, this is right up there with some of the historic bugs like skip to cthun and martin fury. The longer the better (i think perma bans are kind of overkill, but it depends how extensively they abused it. I could be convinced)

I dont care how much publicity they give Blizzard, this is so awful its almost kind of funny. They need to be reeled back in line.


90 days is the sweet spot


That would really send a message. I would have to applaud them if they went that far.


Keep them out of the phase they decided to ruin


You have been removed from the game. Please try again in a few years!


Not so much for streamers. I’m ready to see clips of the ones that exploited getting permabanned on stream though. I’m just going to be waiting forever because Blizz won’t do the most reasonable thing with cheaters if they have OBS open.


What streamer exploited?

If nobody gets banned for this, especially the streamers, all it tells honest players is “if you find an exploit, USE IT AS MUCH AS YOU CAN”

Ngl, ill be kind of upset if the streamers/anyone else exploiting it gets off scot free when I’ve been sitting on it for over a week and could have been resetting individual bosses for pre raid bis/patterns for the past week or more instead of being an honest player and dungeon grinding like normal. What a slap in the face, honestly


Streamer or not if they exploited then they deserve equal punishment as someone who does not. Now I am not saying that blizzard should use their streams as evidence against them (witch hunting if you will).

Now streamers giving their opinion on the subject and watch a video of the exploit. I think that is fair game.


Esfand’s MC in particular, but probably all of them.

From what I understand they were in contact with the GM. And reported the issue.

They are: