"it's not cheating or an exploit, it's a clever use of game mechanics which Blizz tolerates and actually encourages"

It would be terrible if an innocent person spent legitimately earned gold on something only to have it disappear.

But the gold from the sale should be confiscated as should any gold transferred to another account without the transfer of goods.

The jist of it was

Clear a dungeon, switch parties to a leader in a different layer before you got teleported out, watch everything in the dungeon respawn right before your very eyes including bosses. Ignored lockouts and everything, and your characters would stay in the same location. Could use it to farm any boss in the game as many times as you wanted without needing to clear trash or reset the dungeon


It’s worse to have the ill gotten gains remain in the game. If they can refund the buyer’s gold great, but it seems unlikely.

Blizzard has removed duped items from other games and should remove them here as well. If you innocently buy a stolen car stereo like Eddie Winslow but Carl finds out, guess what you lost your money and the stereo.


I remember in Vanilla a guild called “Overrated” was perma banned when they exploited a bug in Ahn’Quiraj. The bug allowed them to “drop through” past the trash directly to C’Thun.

As far as I’m concerned, this is essentially the same offense and should be dealt with exactly the same way.


I don’t need to be there to understand you’re trying to cover your tracks. Your next post confirms it.

The exploit only works if you drop group, and then re-add players to the group. I find it funny that your guild randomly disbanded and then said “oh wait, let’s do the dungeon again” and magically figured out the layering issue. Switching leaders doesn’t do anything.

I have a character on Skeram. I’ll make sure to /who in the future.

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Modern history… back in vanilla not so much.

Are you just salty you didnt find it first or something? Nothing youre claiming has any basis in reality but youre talking like you know exactly what happens in every group at all times

Literally had it happen once, and we immediately ran out and never layer switched again in a dungeon but okay boss. Apparently its impossible for you to comprehend that some people dont feel the need to exploit a very obvious bug if they find one

Not too difficult to get a grasp of the repro steps when it accidentally happens to you and then you see streamers do it. Definitely worth risking the account ive had since 2007 for a few resets of BRD lmfao.

Feel free to whisper me on Skeram when the ban wave goes out with a heartfelt apology so I know who to put on my ignore list mr retail avatar

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IMO it is a failure on Blizz’s end. They shouldn’t fault players for this. They will, but they shouldn’t.

Looking forward to it.

You shouldnt be, lol

I wish i could have the amount of ignorant confidence you have about literally anything. Its so terrifying im actually kind of in awe

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of course they should fault the cheaters. could Blizz have handled layer better? sure. still doesn’t green light bad behavior.


It’s not really cheating. They didn’t hack the client or anything. Blizzard just sucks and has no idea how to properly beta test a game.


All developers face cheaters exploiting features in ways they did not intend. The fault is always on the cheater. If you can’t tell that what you’re doing is cheating, reexamine some of the things you’re doing in real life.


nah you’re just a cheater apologist. maybe you abused it or a friend you know. I don’t know but if you or anyone did it I hope you get what you deserve.


Joining and leaving group is an allowed player action by the game.

Ahh the old witch hunt. You’d have been great back in the McCarthy era, bro.

Yeah, duping items is an exploit too, yet nobody will ever say it’s okay (hopefully)

Delete all their possessions and money, reset to level 1, but all quests still flagged complete, hearthstone unbound and flightpaths unlearned, drop them in Moonglade.


Lawl. What idiot said this?

oh they were saying this stuff like 2 weeks ago. talk about being freakin delusional.

If it looks like they were also exploiting group grind mechanics I’d go with two month ban and roll their toons back to level 1, 1copper, no bank slots, nothing bigger than 1x 4slot bag, and remove all items you normally wouldn’t have at any level.

Fixed that for ya

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