"it's not cheating or an exploit, it's a clever use of game mechanics which Blizz tolerates and actually encourages"


Yeah…if only…

Let’s see here:

  1. Felplague claims GMs are listening to music, watching Twitch streams, and answering tickets of those streamers immediately regardless of queue order for the integrity of the game

  2. Brew questions if someone did something they knew they shouldn’t have, then sent a ticket innocently asking if they should leave the raid or down the boss again even though 40 people had no idea when, or even if, their ticket would be answered.

Whichever one is true, I can judge for myself which one seems more likely and the community will do the same.


FFS the game already had 6 mil subs at that point, next you will be giving streamers credit for inventing electricity.


Exactly that. There’s no favoritism, if people actually read Lores post, they would understand, but they’re choosing to ignore it because “Streamers are ruining my life”

At the end of the day we’re trying to reason with the type of people that dislike streamer so much they sit and watch their streams for hours on end to find fault and even donate to complain.


wait wow had 6 mil sub in 2005? wow didnt know that…
oh wait it didnt.
(Screenshot of the sub count for wow, literally just google “wow sub count chart”)

hmmm funny looks like there was a massive sub increase… about may… 2005… hmmm i wonder what came out in may 2005, that was so big it got on the news, on game shows, on tv shows, and into mvoies, spreading wow’s name EVERYWHERE


Exactly. He’s trying to give relevance to something that had absolutely not affect on subscriptions. I mean, the fair majority had no idea what the game was at the time they bought it. They knew it was a computer game but no idea what they were becoming involved until they started downloading. I’m referring to the 2nd wave of players which was when the largest growth spurt took place.


Felplague, The name was out there but nobody even knew what it was! The name was largely ignored for the first 2 years. People had consoles still and were not ready to put a game on their computer. When they did, they had no idea that it was online.

People weren’t looking at youtube for anything but music videos.


“First 2 years” idk if you know but may 2005 was not “2 years” and again, i would love if you could explain the jump in subs at the EXACT same time?
also seriously “people wernt looking at youtube for anything but music videos” except there was many famous videos from 2005… including leeroy…


It wasn’t the same time. The Leeroy Jenkins wasn’t uploaded to youtube until November 2005…fully six months after the sub jump you tried to ascribe to it. Not only that, but it didn’t even have many views. The video that received attention wasn’t uploaded until August 6th, 2006…almost a full year after the sub jump you tried to ascribe to it.

So you’re just factually wrong…again.


Ya im sure Blizzards millions spent on marketing had nothing to do with bringing people in, or the the fact EQ and Ultima were dying off at that time, its was all the Leeroy video


Esfand only contacted blizzard to try and cover up this exploit, He knew damn well what he was doing, pull your head out of believing streamers do no wrong they are are just like everyone else and will abuse what they can. I would put money the GMs had no idea wtf was going on and shortly after Esfand exploit investigated, but they wernt gonna so no to a streamer why would they. Cuz blizzard is catering to streamers.


why were they permitted to keep the loot, though?


I’m not your dude. Imagine admitting to watching that guy stream.


Wasn’t Blizzard’s response to Swifty’s game-breaking macros:

“Clever use of game mechanics.”

Correct me if I am wrong.

I think it’s BS that they cheated and I agree with some sort of ban or punishment…but I think Blizzard cherry-picks for sure. What is the difference between “clever use of game mechanics” and an “exploit”?


I don’t think anyone dislikes streamers. But they should be held accountable just as i would.


It’s very good question.


Oh he definitely knew what he was doing. The streamers via their 100 + thousand viewers / fans have all of the exploits being sent their way as soon as they are known, he just had to play dumb for the stream and be like “oh wow guys hah hah well look at that all of the bosses are back! WoW who would have known…”.

Blizzard should remove the double loot at least, that is giving a double advantage to other players and one that would be scoffed at for non streamer led guilds.


Sure. While you’re at it why don’t you ask your local bank how many accounts they’ve banned for fraud and let me know the number they tell you when they finally never answer you.


Did you even read lores post?


No one reads now days lol.

Exploit = making the system mess up purposely for personal gain

Glitch = done by accident / system error on itself.


Yea, a big time streamer just had NO clue at all what happened, despite knowing all of the exploits going on as they become known. Of course “Lore” is going to back up the official who gave the streamer a pass.

Not everyone is gullible.