"it's not cheating or an exploit, it's a clever use of game mechanics which Blizz tolerates and actually encourages"


where does it say esfand was exploiting?
where did i say the exploiters are innocent?

Esfand ran into a bug, he contacted blizzard seeing whats up and what they could do
blizz responded with “hmmm just clear it”
he did so
where is the exploit?
and how is this different then the blizzard devs of 2004 letting a guy keep an item that was not suppposed to drop.


Yes, the corporate employees, CMs, like Lore, etc. are likely monitoring Twitch to see how things are playing out in the real world. They’re also probably listening to personal music as we speak. They might even be high for all I know.

The fact that you can’t separate those corporate employees from the minimum wage call-center employees operating form Ohio or India is mind-numbing, though.


Where are you getting your information from? Blizzard maybe? How do how many accounts are currently on Retail vs Classic? How are you drawing you comparison? How do you know if preach did not get a pass before? Or do you live right next to him and h’es you BFF and he told you so?


There’s a difference between someone circumventing a ban themselves by making more accounts, and being told they suck via Blizzard wiping their progress and letting them log into it.


lololololol preach talks about everything that happens, and he got banned for months, aswell as excluded from blizzard events he was already set up to go for.
yeah totally streamer privledge, he got banned longer then people who abused even more then he did funnily enough.


They didn’t contact Blizzard because it was the right thing to do, they did because everyone in the group got everything they needed and they want it sealed behind them.


The myth that WoW needs any streamers… This game peaked at 12 mil subs before streaming was even a thing.


except they contacted blizz before clearing the raid, you can even see that on stream mate.


See, this is the thing. People are getting so upset and they dont even know what happened. Esfand went in to FINISH MC. They had only cleared some of MC previously and were on their way to the next boss when they realized the other bosses respawned - the day AFTER. SO they had reason to back into MC to FINISH it. People read headlines and get triggered but refuse to actually look into what happened.


not even close to true. not even slightly close.
there was MANY famous video makers bringing in hundreds of thousands to millions of views far before WOTLK came out, and one of those so famous it became a joke even in mainstream. Leeroy jenkins.


Exactly. Pure CYA, alibi, whatever you want to call it.


His ban was longer because he streamed it. Once upon a time just publishing an exploit even if you didn’t use it was a ban.


so is he streamer privileged or not? cause people are saying if your a streamer you can exploit and not get banned.


yeah if only there was video evidance.
like a stream
showing what happened
if only
maybe that brew has gotten to your head.


lolololl Are you a personal friend of his? If preach robbed a bank would he told you too? I mean dude i am not even going to respond to your obvious trolling. Sit down relax, and sipp on your Koolaid. Perhaps get a job and your life together if you doing nothing else but watching streamers and that seems to be the case. Nonetheless it’s pretty stupid to claim someone is bound to talk nothing but truth on their streams and they will tell you about every aspect of their life and every second of their game play…


Those were youtube videos, not streams. The game brought people it not the stupid meme videos.


I dont watch preach, i dont watch esfand, i have my own channel to worry about too much to spend time on those. But yeah man, its a conspiracy, blizzard didnt actually ban preach, he just went incognito, and they didnt uninvite him from their events, he just disguised himself and snuck in, in the shadows!


Are you sure about that? what is the difference between youtube videos and streams in your eyes? that they are live?
And where do you have the info that no one joined because of the youtube videos. the re-upload of leerooy jenkins reuploaded in 2014 has 5,534,850 veiws, and the original had about 4 times that.

leeroy jenkins was so big it got into the main stream, tv shows, movies, (I know a bad example but) https://youtu.be/WGDwdxuwOt8?t=29 it was the one and only wow joke to just break into the main stream that was not some “lol look wow players stupid and fat” just a joke, that people understood and got the reference.


There were NOT streamers and very few players uploaded videos. Youtube didn’t even become a 'thing" until very very late in 2006 and it was only because of the astonishing number Google paid for it. I don’t remember seeing any Warcraft videos until at least 2008 and I can assure you, it wasn’t the videos that garnered attention, it was word of mouth that was Blizzards best promotion and it remains this way today.

Streaming didn’t become a thing until long after Wrath dropped. Streaming does NOTHING for Blizzard but make very stupid people very wealthy on the backs of someone elses hard work.


yeah totally nah forget leeroy jenkins which was originally uploaded in may 2005. didnt exist, and totally wasnt a huge thing that spread even to the news.
nah mate, and videos before 2008? nah, the onyxia MORE DOTS video? doesent exist, no does any of the other vanilla videos. nope.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vvXRcwcIJh4 Was even on jeopardy ffs.