"it's not cheating or an exploit, it's a clever use of game mechanics which Blizz tolerates and actually encourages"


He did not mention there was a loot. He just said something to bash on. They can spawn npc’s with no loot i am sure.


can you actually read? they entered, intendeding to go kill rag and noticed all the bosses spawned, they asked wtf blizz what happened, and blizz went “oh this is odd, seems a bug happened, well, feel free to kill them all if you want”

it is literally in the blue post you responded to, but you seem to think they entered and just killed all the bosses without a seconds notice.

you say

but again fail to notice

so yes, if you duplicated an item, and messeged blizz and said “hey this just happened by acident, wtf?” there is a very likely chance they would messege and say “hey thats a bug, dont do it again, but feel free to keep the item you got”

just like how they did with the talisman of binding shard, and with the flor green mecha-strider.


You’re pretty heavily invested in arguing this into the dirt regardless of how incorrect your world-view is on this.

I never said Ion personally answered the ticket; in fact, I explicitly claimed that the only people answering tickets at this stage of the company’s evolvement are minimum wage employees working from a call-center.

You seem to have this weird fantasy view of a group of employees sitting around watching Twitch streams. Yes, I already pointed out that Lore and the like are sitting in their comfy chairs doing whatever they want, including watching Twitch streams, but they are 100% not answering tickets! The people who are answering tickets–ok yeah I admit maybe one of them could be sneaking in some Twitch time while on the job if that’s a legitimate question from you–do not have the latitude to do whatever they want while earning their wages. If this is really how it went down, some minimum wage employee was watching Twitch on the job and then started answering tickets from their favorite streamers outside of the queue, that person would be fired…or should be fired. It’s troubling you don’t seem to understand your poor attempt to rationalize this behavior from Blizzard as a company fails to recognize this deeper problem within their corporate structure (if this is, in fact, what happened however absurd your explanation seems).


This will come as a shock but this is not the first time with anyone streamer or otherwise that Blizzard has allowed and advantage to slide based on how it happened. They still go and fix what caused the advantage but they dont always punish the players or remove what they earned so long as the player in honest did not realize what was happening or how.


Oh? So because they let go of things in the past does mean they can keep on doing that? and we just not say anything about and bend over each time? Sorry pal but there are way too many a…s like you that we are running out o toilet paper.


I say this again if blizzard GM really think Esfand didn’t know WTF he was doing they are wrong. THat guy knew what we was doing why would you need to reform the raid with a different person to get the FR buff\ from UBRS you dont… GMs dont fall for him just because he is a streamer… the guy is a poser and will steal your wallet if he had the chance. But if the GMs really think it was a bug to cover it up W/E then we know what side blizzard is really on that of the streamers not the other 99.9% of the players. There was a bug that did exist but why wasn’t it fixed? OH wait it was fixed back then so their cover up is false. STOP PLAYING INTO THE HANDS OF STREAMERS BLIZZARD. What you guys find so fascinating about some of them is just beyond me.


Yeah, surly it’s not a shocker. But saying nothing about it and letting them butt.rail us is not an answer either.


man you are bad at this.

and yeah, as someone who has been playing the game for A LONG TIME Gm’s will commonly be working while binging something on their second screen, back in mop i had a Gm and was chatting with them while they fixed something, i said i was looking for a good show to watch, they recommended adventure time, as they were watching the new episode at the time. That was the first time i watched the show. and since then ive asked Gm’s what they are doing while working, and even recently had one tell me they were watching (One of my videos) and it made me laugh.

And holy sh*t, people paid to take care of tickets are not allowed to multitask in your world? Wow, you are pretty scummy if you think people should be fired for multi tasking. Idk if you know but most if not all desk jobs allow you to listen to music while working, as long as you are getting your work done.

you are a sad pathetic creature to think people who do ANYTHING other then WORK deserve to be fired.

which is funny because you seem to praise the times when gm’s would STOP WORKING and chat with players, spawn stuff for them, and play with the player for abit. quite funny how thats fine in your books, wasting time to chat with players and spawn stuff for them, but watch a stream on their second screen? HOW DARE THEY, FIRE THEM!!!


So you are saying blizzard was wrong for letting nytcon keep the talisman of binding shard? well then tell the vanilla wow devs of 2004 that they are wrong.


Yeah, he gets a pinch on the nose because he’s a streamer, He attracts people and believe it or not i am sure someone started playing wow because of watching his streams. He stops playing then guess what? the wallet gets a little smaller so int’s not a bad theory to think that blizz will let them slide. Felplauge just try to pin it on me that i had no clue what i was talking about and yet it’s clear that he knew what he was doing.


What are you on about? Who’s being bent over here? The only people getting bent over are those who exploited intentionally, isn’t that a good thing?


yeah man, streamers, all the pirvelege, i guess preach needs to get more veiwers as obviously 367k veiwers is not streamer level. who big is esfand? cause preach got banned and removed from the next few blizzard events for using the potion exploit…

wait that was BFA.
is clasisc in such a bad state, with so few players, they cant afford to ban streamers like esfand, but they can afford to ban BFA streamers liek preach!?


I’m honestly not to sure how all the exploits but I feel like I am way behind now


What is the alternative from a practical point of view? That case was clearly accidental discovery of a bug not intentional abuse.

Should they expect every group to report when this happens and send in a gm to clear every boss that was already cleared so the palyers can continue with the raid? This wastes not only blizzards time but the players time.

So should they punish players when they accidently stumble upon a glitch like this leave players having to make the decisions to give up on looting/killimg the legitimate bosses or risk a ban?

I think the best solution is to recognize legitimate accidental creation of the glitch is unlikely to happen often and will have very little impact on the game.

Other solutions rob players of time or content for something that is entirely out of their control.

Intentional abuse of these bugs should and is being punished.


Your rationalizations are becoming ludicrous. I can’t tell if you’re trolling or a child.

15 years ago the small group of content creators were sitting around in towns and instances hanging out with the players. Now in-game trouble tickets are farmed out to third party agencies. That’s the reason you had to go all the way back to MoP to remember any of that in-game interaction.

Watching twitch streams while on the job is not multitasking. Even if it was, jumping queues to answer your favorite streamer or personally buddy’s ticket would be against company policy.

I also never said that the way things used to be was better or good. That’s subjective but what you’re doing is creating a straw-man argument. All I did was describe how GMs used to behave in game, and that’s largely because of who the GMs were and the positions they held within the company. That’s no longer the case. “GMs” are just minimum wage employees right now operating out of a call-center somewhere. I’m not even sure how you think they’d have access to Twitch and personal music–it’s almost like you have no idea what you’re talking about.

And FYI, most desk jobs do not allow people to sit around listening to personal music while doing their jobs. You’ll realize this once you’re out of college and in a real job earning an actual salary. I think the conversation has run its course. though. There’s really nothing to add here since you’ve degraded into personal insults.


Get you head out of the sand for a minute. Of course blizzard was WRONG!. Any favoritism is wrong but if you can’t see that then you’re no different than the exploiters with that kind of mentally. I mean have you burned out all of brain cells to stand on the other side of the aisle and say it’s ok to exploit? What next they did not know or did their conscience told them what they were doing was in fact wrong but decide to do it anyway?


I just wonder if any of us will actually hear what the punishment was. Do they publicize that kind of thing?


hahahahhaha oh man oh man… alright this was fun, goodluck in class mate, there is nothing to add as you have just gone mental man

nah, blizzard has no company policy like that, and has said in the past they keep an eye on large streamers and streams to make sure if something goes wrong they can fix it ASAP as to not make players watching the stream mad.

dont you think a company, would want to make sure a livestream of their game, with thousands of people watching, as clean and as good looking as possible?

but hey, if people multitask watching livestreams =fired
people sit down and chat with players, and spawn stuff for them instead of doing their job= encouraged.
yes man, you must be so high up.

(Oniana) #648

No they don’t for privacy purposes and to obfuscate how exactly they determine things. But we can already see some outcry on discords and reddit about it.


You’ve hit the nail right on the head. That person is either operating with impaired cognitive functionality, a child without any real-world work experience, or just straight trolling.