"it's not cheating or an exploit, it's a clever use of game mechanics which Blizz tolerates and actually encourages"

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That’s not really true. For your two points above:

  1. Everyone wasn’t expecting to get it. I wanted in and didn’t get in. I was not surprised though - they can’t invite everyone.

  2. Far more people were in the beta than streamers. They were only a very small percentage. Watching streamers showing the game while playing with other streamers obviously will give a false perspective.


Is finishing Maraudon princess, having everyone log out and resetting all instances and starting from the beginning of the dungeon considered an exploit?


Esfand is a pretty straight up guy and is pretty ethical. Just because he is a streamer does not mean he is a bad person. I don’t generally like streamers as they are mostly narcissists who live in their own little world of ego-centric gaming, but Esfand seems like a good guy.


He’s not your friend no matter how much money you’ve given him.


I’m just glad they got rid of Ultima.


No, you still have to clear all the trash an bosses again, and you still are locked to the 5 instance/hr lockout, it doesn’t bypass anything but a runback.


They also had the options of despawning the extra boss and removing any extra loot that dropped.

Of course, you have to get past the fact that this raid team apparently filed a ticket and received a response while the raid team just idled and within a quick enough timeframe that they could still do the run.

The explanations grow increasingly bizarre and unbelievable.


Go back to retail.


“Person has job before joining blizzard, how dare they, fire them” seriously?
Also lore doesent even stream wow, he streams GTA and other games, he doesent like to stream wow, also do you really think all twitch streamers are best friends?

Hey i stream on twitch when i edit, im gunna go call of alinity and ask how her cats are doing.


suprise brew, some GM’s watch streams, surpise, if they see an issue going on they will try to help as to not have the stream make them look bad.

i guess nytkon who got the one and only legendary neck talisman of binding shard must have been the biggest streamer ever if blizz allowed him to keep a bugged item…

i guess the guy who got the fluorescent green mechanostrider also was a mega huge streamer, that blizz would allow him to keep this unique mount.


So is multiboxing like 10 accounts at once with all your guys on follow a clever use of game mechanics?


my dude he doesent even play wow on stream… and he bans people who ask him about the game, so yeah, im sure he wants wow players to flood his stream…


Same reason blizzard didnt remove the talisman of binding shard, or the fluorescent green mechanostrider. a bug happened on their side and they said “oof… well we will let you keep it i guess”

and im sure they will, they banned preach for using the potion bug, even though he was a streamer, so i dont see why people think this will be different.

Atleast more then 367k cause thats how much preach has yet he got banned for exploiting by blizzard and removed from their event.


Pretty sure the extra drops got deleted though…


You have an interesting view on how modern, multinational corporations operate.

15 years ago our GMs were literally across the street from us. I was playing from UC Irvine’s campus and they were playing down the road across from Irvine Spectrum. You’d file a ticket, they’d pop into the game, stand around and chat, and resolve the issue and maybe spawn something cool for you to smash.

That’s not things work anymore. People like Lore might be watching streams, but the “GMs” certainly aren’t. They are, at best, minimum wage employees working from some call center in all probability outside the continental United States. Or maybe Blizzard isn’t handling their customer issues like every other multinational corporation with millions of customers and thousands of customer resolutions per hour.

Maybe Steve Jobs and Bill Gates really did personally answer every customer email that was sent to them…anything is possible however improbable.


“Make them start back at level 1 with no items”
“But dont ban them, that will just make them start at level 1 with no items”



Are you telling me that i would not have a clue that after i did a whole MC run and everything just reset to allow me to do it again and that is not enough to tell me the player that something went wrong especially someone like Esfand who has more experience in wow than the majority of player base and yet i go ahead and clear it second time and get my double loot? That is not breaking the rules blizz? I mean if that is the case the wipe out the extra loot you want to promote justice instead of letting it go because they are streamers. It’s a clear exploit attempt. Would it be the same for the player that somehow managed to duplicate an item, did not report and yet kept the item because they have no idea or intended to do so? How do you define if they intended it or not?


What is a player exploiting in a multibox situation that a group of organized players can’t do?


Thats’ Silly, It’s very simple just wipe the extra’s and that’s it. Back to fairplay.


wow that is some pretty sad conspiracy theory level tinfoil hat.
I mean blizzards employees is public domain since they are a company, and you can very easily find they have GMs in many places around the world

  1. you find Gm’s wasting time they could be helping others, sitting and chatting with you about how your day is “a good thing”
  2. you find a GM spawning things for you, giving you an unfair advantage fair, sounds like you want privilege above others mate.
  3. they had to stop that because people were complaining of longer times, and abusing GM’s good will
  4. you seriously dont think a SINGLE GM was watching his stream?

holy moly man. your the one saying Ion personally did the ticket.