"it's not cheating or an exploit, it's a clever use of game mechanics which Blizz tolerates and actually encourages"


I am confused. If this was a well know vanilla bug that was for whatever reason left in classic; I find it hard to believe this was harmless, unintentional and not a use of an exploit.

The fact they reported it and asked for permission is a joke.

Clearly you have 2 sets of rules and standards for players. Its fine most people assumed so but dont try and sugar coat it.

Just come out and say it “if a streamer makes us money, they get a pass.”

Your terms of service and unilateral enforcement of them is a total joke. So are you Lore.


Definition of exploit:
In video games , an exploit is the use of a bug or glitches, game system, rates, hit boxes, speed or level design etc. by a player to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game’s designers.

Pretty close to this phrase:
“Clever use of game mechanics”


I still think Blizz should have instructed them NOT to take advantage of the bug/exploit, whether Esfand’s group did it by intent or not.


Yeah game system, raid lockout is once per week. Popular streamer exploits to get 2 lockouts but seeks Blizzards permission.

Blizzard thats not an exploit… its a known bug thats been around for 14 years and we just left it for whatever reason.

Blizzard and Streamers are a total joke.


Which part- the MC bug or the fact that they stopped to see if it was okay before reclearing the raid?

What caused the raid to reset is irrelevant. It’s either a bug from 2004 or from 2019. The result is the same and my opinion wouldn’t change on the matter.

What matters is that they stopped before reclearing to see if they were allowed to do it. This is easily verifiable in two ways: you can watch the VOD and see them wait and you have a blue post verifying this was the case. You’ll need to provide proof to contest this fact.


Blizzard has stated this themselves.


Wait so when they didn’t clear the raid one night… Came back the next and the bosses had respawned… they were supposed to miss out on finishing MC because of a bug? Yeah that sounds completely fair.


Sooooooo we should expect to see EVERY SINGLE person who clearly and intentionally abused the 10 man raid aoe xp farming to be punished accordingly ? Perhaps loss of xp earned that way and… at minimum temp bans ? I mean if you’re going to punish people for exploiting bugs or mechanics or whatever you want to call it I think that one should be enforced as well. Or as others suggested layer hoping for mobs / exp ect … Layering is almost as stupid of an idea as the collective of what bfa “retail” is … You guys have crapped the bed so hard with this … It’s sad …


You SIr/Madam… Are evil… And I thoroughly like it.


They could have not looted the bosses they already killed.


So how many viewers does one need before blizzard tells them they can exploit something? (Asking for a friend)


Exploits are bad because imagine spending time mastering the game in its entirety. Casual bobs strike again <3


Right here and now, call for bans on ANY and EVERYONE who participated, STREAMER or not. You can obviously tell who did it, I don’t give a dick if an influencer did it but if they are just going to get off scot free…it’s not equal and it’s tauren dung at it’s finest. Ban them all.


In regard to Esfan’s situation: Why on earth didn’t the GM simply reset the instance, and then zott the bosses that had already been killed?


It wasn’t their fault the raid reset and Blizzard specifically said it was okay to loot. It’s unfair to ask 40 players to spend time and consumables to reclear a raid they already did for nothing due to a bug.

I do, however, think that a better solution would have been to have a GM clear the instance up to Ragnaros for them. No extra loot and they could have downed the boss they were there for.


how can you confirm it wasn’t their fault the raid reset? - jw how everybody seems to know that there wasnt a plan of one person planning this exploit for the rest of them ;S


The blue post in this thread says the MC reset was an entirely seperate bug from the layer reset exploit.


This way Lore can trade extra epics for kickbacks on Twitch for his stream from Esfand and co.


Ban started woot, they lose 1 month of gameplay + all items removed.


(Drumstep) #608

Notice to all blue post… please use this one as an example on how to address an issue. This is, by far, the best blue response I’ve seen.