"it's not cheating or an exploit, it's a clever use of game mechanics which Blizz tolerates and actually encourages"


if we do this One Weird Trick

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You didn’t read or try to understand what he posted


Lore was a CM before he was a streamer and before that, a member of the video collective Tankspot:


It was not rebuilt from scratch-- there was a lot of cut and pasting involved.

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Sorry Blizzard, but you guys have messed up and you are once again protecting your streamers, just like back at D3.

D3 was ruined because of the exploiting by popular streamers in the first few weeks, once you fixed the exploits, they had already taken over the AH, which later caused the AH shutdown.

If you don´t take action now, then WOW Classic will shut down as well. No legit gamer wants to step foot into a game, where streamers are allowed to abuse game mechanics, gaining together with their fans a huge advantage, ruining the economy and progress of a server community.

I was very much looking forward to Classic, but I don´t see a single reason why I should continue playing, knowing that once BWL is out, the same people will just exploit again.

XP Bug, Layer hopping and now Instance reset, all three were committed by the same individuals, go figure!


all I know is I want to be able to go on the inside ledge of the SW AH again like in BC :frowning:

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Why would Blizzard take action against Streamers? They are hands-down the best feature of Classic. The only reason anyone plays Classic is because of peer-pressure to be where the “cool kids” are. No one is playing Classic because of the gameplay itself. It’s about being “with it” and not a “square” who plays retail with its total lack of Streamers.


I literally couldn’t care less about streamers and only play WoW classic because I enjoy it. I could care less. I disagree that they’re the best feature of classic or even a feature at all. Most people seem to actively want to avoid them and their audience…


I have had 2 accounts permanently banned in the past for exploiting/tomfoolery.

In my opinion perma ban the accounts and attempt to remove any items introduced into the game world because of their actions.


Imagine worshiping streamers this much. Pathetic.


Think anybody will take the bait?


Here is a blog with a twitch video.


What streamers are getting away with the exploit? If it’s the Esfand thing since it was reported and commented on by admin I would at most ban all involved parties for 1 week or lock them out of MC for 1 week with account suspension.


Uh… They didn’t exploit. They encountered a bug which, as stated, has existed since 2004. They contacted Blizzard and asked for permission before reclearing MC.

What you’re suggesting is that Blizzard begin to ban people for unintentionally encountering bugs that have a benefit to them. Experiencing a bug, reporting it, then asking for permission to reclear a raid because you had yet to kill the final boss isn’t an exploit.


Hold the exploiters accountable with evidence, clear their characters’ inventories and gold, let them log in while their chat is watching the stream and see they only have Level 1 characters staring back at them.

If they belong in World of Warcraft, they can earn their place like everyone else.

However, banning them would be ineffective. They’ll just make new accounts.


There are definately new restrictions in layering. I (priest) tried to group with a guildmate (warrior) in Desolace. I invited the warrior and we remained phased (multiple warrior mob kills while I panic about the health bar). We give up and warrior invites me, and we can see each other with a slight delay (where the warrior shows as phased in the default raid style party frames).

Both of us have active tradeskills. I know I group with people in town often to sell enchants and bags. I don’t know if the warrior is selling blacksmithing items in person or not. I’m probably increasing my “layer hop” score even though I try to always be the one inviting… to reduce my possible “invisible layer hop penalties”.

Since we have gotten to “guilded warrior and priest has difficulty finding each other in a group” something obviously has changed and not for the better for innocent parties. I healed a pug group earlier in the day (Graveyard and Library). Warrior doesn’t group other than guildmates and people seen in the world (unless doing trade in town - not sure) due to router issues and DCs.

Since we both aren’t trying to actively change layers for inappropriate purposes, the net is catching people beyond exploiters.


G tell me why Cube and all these people in BFA then when I v u s the Forest Lord kept dropping loot every time nobody clinched anything out it was the way the game was made and it was deemed a exploits according to the way you speak here this is just a clever use of game mechanics


this is 100% bull tbh. esfand knew exactly what was happening when he layered himself in MC. the fact that you’re even covering for him instead of applying the same penalties is astounding. sounds like something twitch staff would do, not blizzard.


I pity you for believing this


It is really irritating how anytime there is something that is discovered by players people immediately say “clever use of game mechanics.”

“Clever use of game mechanics” is a term of art that ought to be used for actual game mechanics. Game mechanics ought to be limited to using your player or item abilities, mob abilities, player movement, and terrain. Anything that outright requires mechanics that aren’t about the “game play” but instead enable it (i.e. macros/addon lua scripting, inviting/leaving parties or raids, moving around inventory or trading/mailing items, flooding chat, or system/graphical settings) ought to be automatically outside the realm of “game mechanics.”

Anything in the former should be “clever use of game mechanics” simply because that’s what is in the game. Genuinely, if something is unintentional there, then Blizzard should have thought ahead because at some point the players just have to be able to trust that using their abilities/character items is intended by blizzard.

The layer exploit is so far out of the bounds of the ordinary game mechanics that its infuriating that anyone would even suggest its a clever use of them. I mean, the actual mechanics of leaving a group inside a dungeon is that you would get hearthed out in 60 seconds. The fact that this would fail is abuse enough, but it gets even worse in the sense that because of a layering bug it gives you access to bosses without having to clear trash.

Give me an absolute break. I didn’t even think that anyone should have been banned for taking advantage of the fact that people weren’t affected by the raid exp penalty when people were 7-10 raiding 5 mans. That’s such a simple oversight that everyone who found out about it just should have thought that blizzard intended it (remember, they’ve made lots of changes to actual vanilla content). All it required was forming a raid, you didn’t even have to zone into a dungeon. Banning everyone who had been in a raid and gained exp in it would have been ridiculous.

This is not the case. People saw the port out message, then saw that it disappeared and that they were layered. So obviously exploiting a bug its not even funny.