"it's not cheating or an exploit, it's a clever use of game mechanics which Blizz tolerates and actually encourages"


Would you mind telling us what that situation was? I’ve always been curious.


it is obvious this time a GM also involved to exploit a glitch weather himself call it intentional or unintentional exploitation. It is now easier for Blizzard to justify all these streamers and their teen and immature young adult followers and not to hand out bans.

Blizzard’s vision and ethics is beyond recognition anymore, it is suiting neither US nor EU nor other parts of the world ethics. Blizzard is sacrificing themselves and their best game to protect 100 streamers and their followers and disregarding millions who think a ban hammer should be hit who exploited it.

If millions are here to play Classic, we are here not because of some streamer, but once upon a time some qualified, epic developers made Vanilla. We do not want Blizzard or some random GM choose, decide who to ban, we want anyone who exploited will be banned, thanks.


Blizzard has a history of allowing cultures of cheating to grow and flourish before taking action. And then dropping the hammer on all of them at once. In the meantime players who don’t cheat are at a competitive disadvantage. And the players who wouldn’t cheat if they didn’t see so many others getting away with it and conclude that it really must be okay get punished along with the instigators.


The Grim Totem Spirit Guide tame… a clever use of game mechanics you guys said was great and would leave in the game because it was great… two weeks later GTSG was untameable. I’m glad I was one of the first hunters to do it. But so many others did not have the time to get all of the gear needed to make it happen before you did exactly what you said you would not do.


Don’t comment if you dont know the facts. They were there to kill Rag because they didn’t the night before and found the other bosses up. Thats when they contacted blizzard to report the issues. Blizzard gave them the go ahead.

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Thats all well and good… But there was a time in Cata that players found an item that could be purchased from on place and sold to another vendor for increased profits. This wasnt abusing a glitch. Its was simply in the game. An oversight by blizz that lead to using the actual game mechanics as released to the public to make gold. The majority of those players were banned.

Also. Athene was banned during the leveling process for Wotlk. He was dropping group to tag all the monsters in a dungeon then the group was killing them with him in an attempt to grant him all of the XP. He even had permission from a GM to do this because it was quoted as “clever use of game mechanics”… However, He was banned. But this does seem like clever use of game mechanics. Its not liek they found a way to get full XP for the whole group this way. 4 of the 5 players were not getting any xp for this method.

This wouldbe similar to me walking up to another player who is farming mobs and I help him by letting him tag and then i kill the mobs. this happens all the time in game and sometimes for longer than just a few kills. Sure Athene was doing this to break a world record but his actions were not malicious… and he got banned.


at this point I’d even doubt their explanation on what the actual bug for esfand was, their only backing is the fact that again we didn’t get any video proof of it happening on instances, that doesn’t mean that it couldn’t happen for sure unless of course we get proof of that too, they before came out and said that layering wasn’t being abused/wasn’t an issue and guess what it aged like garbage.

Seems to me like they’re just defending esfand, minimum you could do is delete the items gained from the secondary spawns, else don’t bother Blizzard, really.



They even went ahead and name dropped him here needlessly. Nice advertisement for him. Kinda like how they put a bunch of top streamers in the WoW classic launch video. Really sending the message to the players what Classic WoW is REALLY about…


I agree, this is VERY fishy to me. I got downvoted on reddit for tinfoil hatting, but cmon, a bug from 2004 that happens to have the same effect as layer hopping in raids and instances?

He could be being honest, and if he is, I am sorry for doubting him.



Apparently “Lore” is a streamer/“twitch partner” too, and is buddies with all of these other fools. So, wow, big surprise there. Why would Blizzard hire a Twitch clown? Seems like a conflict of interest. Like giving a criminal a badge and then acting surprised when he allows all of his criminal friends run wild.


It’d be great if you toned the favourtism down a bit just becaues you enjoy watching his content.

“We don’t know why the instance reset, but all of our friends have been exploiting layering to sell patterns on the auction house and farm BIS gear. So suprised this raid reset on us as well, who knew this could happen.”

At least delete their items to have provide some veneer of consistency, especially if you’re saying this was a bug that existed since Vanilla and it’d somehow been passed over.


You still exist!?!?

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Bingo. Lore summed it up perfectly. It’s all about the intent. If it’s clear that you were up to no good; then one should not belly-ache when they get caught doing something wrong. Well unless you are trying to impersonate Harvey Danger / Flagpole Sittah or something, by saying the forum equivalent of “paranoia, paranoia, everybody’s coming to get me”.

Before I forget… Welcome back Lore, we missed ya!! ^^

Is Data mining for clues on 8.2.5’s movies again? :sunglasses: -hides-


hey lore, thanks for joining in on the conversation. I’m no snitch but i care about the game. I watched a streamer last night, double loot the gurubashi chest by doing it in his layer first then grouping on to another person who was in a different layer and looting it again.

Venruki did this last night. on stream. He made the excuse that it was ok because he was doing it to show the problem with layering… and how he was benefiting the community by cheating to show you guys… the dev’s how bad layering is. What he did, was cheating, and he blatantly said he knew he was cheating and did it anyways.


Heh, Spammy McSpamsalot from earlier got all their posts deleted. Nice.


How would it be an “old vanilla bug”? WoW classic was rebuilt in the Legion client. It may be something different than layering, but it’s not an “old vanilla bug.”


Hear that guys? It’s okay as long as you’re a streamer, but anyone else gets banned. As usual, streamers get special privileges.


Delete their loot and ban them or 30 days. Deleting loot isn’t enough. I’m watching Esfand play RIGHT now.

By seeing him still play after blatantly exploiting LIVE on stream and Blizzard themselves admitting it’s an exploit you’re telling everyone it’s OK to exploit.

Is that your stance? It’s OK to exploit?


If I am not totally mistaken, this was the defense mounted by the guild Ensidia when they used saronite bombs to achieve world first 25-man H-Lich King.