"it's not cheating or an exploit, it's a clever use of game mechanics which Blizz tolerates and actually encourages"


it lived until the server reset a day later. It prevented doing anything in IF for about 2 hours lol

And i would say the RP people might disagree about immersion and integrity of the game.


By that standard, the Halloween and Christmas celebrations screw up the integrity of the game. It’s just a spectacle, the actual integrity involves the world/economy/gear/dungeon and raid mechanics/lockouts/cooldowns things of that nature.


well i see a bunch of streamers live that were doing the layering in dungeons. words out guys, just stream and you’re safe to exploit it seems. blizz has no morals or integrity left it seems.


The whole beta players (rather than testers), was our first clue.


ya the entire “streamer” exclusive closed beta thing is real. i bet thats where a lot of the layering exploits were found as well and not reported.

(Ziryus) #532

Blizzard typically hands out punishments for this kind of this in groups, they just announced it yesterday so expect something to happen in the next couple days.


Players: Exploiting Layers to get gear
Blizzard: Meh
Players: Busting your butt to tame GTSG getting tame beast cast under 8 seconds
Blizzard: Nice use of Mechanics guys, we will let it stay… removed 2 weeks later…


ToS doesn’t apply to streamers, that’s just rules for regular people.


Many thanks for taking the time to reply and relay this information to us. I find that in Customer Service you cannot always do what the customer wishes, but as long as you keep communicating with them they are usually more forgiving than if you just leave them in the dark to their own devices. :wink:

Thanks again! :slight_smile:

(Kiwì) #536

Um… They “turned up to a raid” that they had already cleared that week. That sounds intentional. It’s not like the raid is just up the road from SW. :thinking:


I’ve seen this spam email somewhere. It’s amazing how you’ve done so well to copy the total feel of it! Very well done! Do you know a Prince in Southern Barrens that just inherited a large sum of gold?


You guys pander to the streamers because you get the press. Anyone that says otherwise doesn’t know how marketing ruins companies. I mean runs. Runs.

(Purplelime) #539

You enter molten core to reset BRD frequently.


I think he meant that the buttons pushed themselves.


Hmmm… I would answer your question, but I am not quite sure I understand it.

So… No? :slight_smile:



i tuned into esfand right when he started for a few minutes and listened to him stutter and sputter his way through a bunch a BS. he knows what he did and got a all clear from lore on it. blizz has become a joke. right from launch, from method having people live on a blizz stage having other people login their accounts to keep them online and out of queues. live streams exploiting layering immediately at launch. live streams abusing a dungeon xp “bug”. live streams of exploiting layering in dungeons/raids. what an absolute joke. private servers were run better then this. time to start streaming and exploiting is the message i’m hearing loud and clear from blizzard.

(Kiwì) #543

So you’re saying that only 5 people ran MC a second time?


they made lore for those other things tho…headless horseman is a fallen paladin driven mad and can’t move on.

(Purplelime) #545

Someone from the original raid would have went in to reset brd, noticed everything had respawned then told the guild about it, esfand then contacted a dev about the situation who told him it was ok to clear it again.

Use some common sense.

(Kiwì) #546

I am using common sense. The blue said it wasn’t Intentional. They had to get 40 people there to run it a second time. That was indeed intentional. The fact that a GM allowed them to do something they should not have been allowed to do doesn’t change that fact.