"it's not cheating or an exploit, it's a clever use of game mechanics which Blizz tolerates and actually encourages"


You are providing examples of rare occasion’s to try to counter a general argument.


I am showing examples of the vanilla devs letting UNIQUE items not intended to be in the game, allowed to be kept by players who got them through a bug. to prove that your claim

“at least in vanilla that’s what would have happened to maintain the integrity of the game and all.”

Is a right out lie, bugs did happen, and they didnt remove the item to maintain the integrity of the game AT ALL, they let people keep them. dont you think if their stance was “if a bug happens on our side and you get something, we will remove it” a famous unique mecha-strider, and a famous legendary no one else every has or will get, would have been a good place for them to prove that?

Cause almost like, this one streamer having this happen is a rare occasion, and as you said “at least in vanilla that’s what would have happened to maintain the integrity of the game and all.” is not true, they did not remove items plenty of times, and didnt care about the integrity.



Wow alright mate, yeah.

Comparing Gm items with effects like “kill anything within 100 yards” to molten core loot. you got me there mate, i have been decimated on a logical level. everyone applaud for vodoo please.

Hey look, a vanilla bug that gave people items that were not intended. almost like it proves what you said “at least in vanilla that’s what would have happened to maintain the integrity of the game and all.” 100% wrong.


Yeah no try again. Private servers shed way more light on the want for classic as compared to streamer attention.


Everyone in the guild was suspended and everyone in the raid was banned.


Again, almost like items that allow you to instantly kill the hardest bosses in the game, is totally by your mind comparable to being able to do molten core twice in one week.


was also in Wrath…Completely different Dev team


I mean, you dont even need to say that. having the kind of brain that allows you to go.

“A guild was able to clear molten core twice in a week… That is just like the time a guy got an item that allowed him to instantly solo bosses like yog 0 lights!”

is a brain that wont be able to comprehend that wrath and vanilla are different expansions.


People weren’t allowed to cheat or exploit at all back then, and there were harsh punishments.

The GM’s actually maintained the integrity of the game, in almost all cases, except a few exceptions, which is why those exceptions are so famous.


Watch out they’re handing out forum silence bans to people who are bringing attention to this subject.

They flagged and removed my post where we were having a civilized conversation about it.


You sure? vanila was pretty famous for cheats and exploits that were perfectly allowed. have you literally never heard of the saying that is in THIS VERY THREAD “Clever use of game mechanics”

Again you are comparing a raid group getting to kill a few molten core bosses in a week, to literal Gm items that allow singular people to kill bosses instantly on their own.


Man, the GM’s spawned a fire elemental lord thing right smack dab in the middle of Iron Forge just for the luls the 3-4th week of the games release back then…integrity of the game lol.


Popular Streamer gets to keep loot from MC (Bug reported so its okay) you mean this thread? its still there mate… maybe you should learn how to navigate the forums…


That doesn’t screw up the integrity of the game. It creates a spectacle, but the world is left unchanged.

(Ziryus) #522

They clearly said they will be punishing the people who were exploiting.


“But esfand was obviously exploiting and they are saying he wasnt so thats unfair!”


Nah, the GM is to blame for esfand.


“The GM” except blizzard themselves have made a blue post saying its fine… again you are saying “this never would have happened in vanilla” but did MANY times, including things as insanely overpowered as a unique legendary, and a unique mount.


You gave 2 instances, 1 of which was largely irrelevant to gameplay. So you gave 1 example, not cherry picking. Yeah blizzard made posts saying exploiting layering in dungeons is fine then ban people for it, right-o kidd-o.

Obviously the GM was wrong if it has been determined an exploit and fixed, as well as people banned. Do you not see the contradiction and preferential treatment here?