"it's not cheating or an exploit, it's a clever use of game mechanics which Blizz tolerates and actually encourages"


He refuses to allow his thread to be derailed by misdirection.


Rome did Ultima(tely) invade and conquer Carthage, so I only hope he will be successful in his fight.


I’m a mage. I don’t have misdirection.


You know what is real dishonesty. Lying to yourself. You know damn good and well doing MC twice was not intended but instead they played the “i didn’t know” card and they got let off the hook from their friends at blizzard. When your friends write the rules, of course you can get away with anything. But continue ramming your head so far up that you can start speaking for blizzard yourself.


Honestly. What we are talking about is communication. That very thing that blizzard ignored and allowed this to happen in the first place.
Them not being engaged with the playerbase and watching us from afar like ants under glass. That is the problem. The root cause of all of this.
They want better launches? Fix their communication disconnect. It will get better.
They don’t want it to. This is how they’ve rolled since the Tesric incident and after Ghostcrawler left. They don’t want to fix communication.
I mean Ion did grace us with a post here once…


No, but I have Silence.


Do you people even hear yourselves?

When is a bug intended?


I don’t care too much and it really doesn’t effect me in my game play.

This whole layering thing has seem to be nothing but problems.

It was abused to get to 60, it was abused to farm and saturate the economy, and now its being abused in raids.

The one part that sucks from my aspect is leveling and getting an entire cave to respawn at once right on top of you, man that’s super annoying.

I know Blizz is trying to do a lot of damage control atm, but they really need to look at either really fixing layering or just be gone with it all together. There were months of Beta and stress testing.

Dookie happens but when is enough enough??


Relic of Awakening


It is antithetical to the whole Idea of an mmorpg, when preferential treatment is given to some players, when the reason of an mmorpg is to be an equal playing field for all players. Rich, poor, big, small, introverts, extroverts, it shouldn’t matter. If the little guy cheats and the big guy cheats, you don’t just ban the little guy, you ban them both!


Um, didn’t Esfand confirm the loot was kept afterwards?


you mean like in vanilla when they let that guy keep the legendary necklace that no one else ever was able to get cause it was a bug, and same with the guy who got the unpainted mechano strider right?


I was referring to MMORPG’s as a whole (genre), not blizzard’s poor decisions.


question is as before you said “gms would not let people keep things obtained through bugs” but at the same time did so with unique 1 person mounts, and unique 1 person legendaries, both not meant to be obtained, yet were, and were allowed to be kept.


again where is the robbery? blizzard said nothing wrong happened, its not a gang of bandits getting away with a crime, its people going to the bank, collecting 100$, acidently getting 200$ and the bank saying “oh well that wasnt supposed to happen… i guess you can keep it”


Nope, musta been the other guy. I said they would have Intervened in the situation where their raid was reset and GM was contacted and the GM would have just killed the bosses and put them back to where they were. Rather than let them loot more bosses then allowed. You are cherry picking a couple instances GM made poor decisions allowing players to keep items not supposed to be in the game.


I thought people were getting banned for that?


Yes, yes it was you. “A gm would have just killed the bosses”
Just like how a gm would have removed the legendary necklace.
just like how a Gm would have removed the unique mechanostrider.

“A couple times gm’s made poor decisions” THESE ITEMS WERE FAMOUS and were even spoken about by blizzard themselves, you really think blizzard didnt know about their Gm’s letting people keep legendaries that were not supposed to be dropping? and allowed the person to keep it to this very day?


Of course they did, but those were rare occasions, all other occasions people were either banned or the mistakes corrected. If it was common it wouldn’t be so famous as it is. (Which is why you are cherry picking)

And no, I did not say that. l2 quote.


Yes, yes you did. in vanilla they did do that, the game bugged and gave people a mount it should not have, andf blizzard themselves personally let the person keep it, only removing it YEARS later when the account was sold.
Yes, yes you did. in vanilla they did do that, the game bugged and gave a person a legendary neck that should not have been able to drop, and blizzard themselves made a blue post allowing them.

“Your cherry picking” yes and arnt you cherry picking by using this one example of a guys guild getting abit of extra molten core loot? dont you think that is abit less important then a legendary that only ever drops for 1 person in the history of wow? naaaah

IM showing examples of the VANILLA DEVS havign the game bug, and let people keep the items obtained from said bug, and man they wernt famous streamers.
so to say “at least in vanilla that’s what would have happened to maintain the integrity of the game and all.” is a right out lie.