It is time. Classic WoW Devs, please reduce batching and leeway. (megathread)

Dawg…I saw like one of your posts with evidence before I commented…I apologize for not looking through the rest of the thread.

Again, I’m sorry…all better now?

I agree, release TBC ASAP


I really like classic wow and I feel that the leeway and batching needs to be toned down. I understand the devs intentions when trying to make it like 2005 but its not that time anymore, internet and computers are fast now a days. I support lowering not removing both. It makes the game feel really bad.

Thank you

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thank you for this comment, keep em coming. Make this thread huge so the devs cannot ignore it. It is our only chance or else the devs will never fix it again.

I guess I should have gave examples. The three that bother me the most are:

Kicking/CSing a spellcaster on the clip end of a spell casts results in the spell going through.

As the person being Kicked/Cs’d. Its very very hard to juke because if you cancel they still have a window to kick or cs you through it. even though youre no longer casting

and as far as leeway. its rediculous that melee can hit you from several feet away. They can be no where close to your model and still have melee attacks go through, this is true for mobs as well.

The ole self-proclaimed MEGATHREAD … lol


Oof I have a feeling these two posts will not age well

Dam bro not the sharpest troll in the voodooshack are ya

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89 posts, with 18% of them being the OP. I feel safe.

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I support lowering leeway and reducing batching.

Loud minority before release: “It’s time to remove leeway and batching!”
Loud minority several months later: “It’s time to remove leeway and batching!”


It’s never too late to become a better person. Or game.

more, MORE comments pls :slight_smile:

That is authentic to vanilla.

Do not like it play bfa.

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The worst is when I deal earth shock (which is a brief silence interrupt by the way) but then get polymorphed, how can I silence the school of arcane but become sheeped by arcane magic ???

Actually no, you used to not be able to interrupt and receive a spell at the same time, it makes no fkn sense to interrupt a school of magic but get punished for it by receiving the spell, this never happened in vanilla, they did it to create “lag” for how laggy computers were.

I don’t feel like there’s any spell leeway at all which is pretty annoying since melee leeway is obviously a thing.

there is spell lee way, on shaman versus mage I sometimes interrupt your damn school of magic but get casted on 0.1-0.2 seconds later. and im not talking about fake kick , I know how to interrupt a polymorph halfway through and he takes damage but the sheep still goes off.

That’s not leeway that’s spell batching.