It is time. Classic WoW Devs, please reduce batching and leeway. (megathread)

“Since we first announced World of Warcraft Classic, we’ve seen questions about spell batching. While we never really eliminated spell batching in WoW, we did change how (and how often) we process batches of actions coming from players, so you’re less likely to notice that processing in today’s game. We’ve been working to ensure that in WoW Classic, the gameplay of activating spells and effects will not differ from the experience of playing original WoW.” - Kaivax

We did not want this. We wanted simply to be able to gouge a blink. That can be done with lower “batching”, instead of this atrocious 400ms batch window which we currently have. The game feels bad 24/7. From what I remember, it was definitely not like this back in Vanilla at all. Also, I think the batching is not even working right, something seems off.

When did we ask for leeway? Was this even in vanilla? This is way too much. I remember being easily able to deadzone kite noob warriors, now I can barely deadzone a warrior. It also causing problems with dodging, I think it registers attacks from behind because my evasion works only when the enemy is standing still.

The game feels worse than nostalrius and other private servers. I was hoping blizzard would FIX the problems we had with private servers, not worsen them.

I am not asking for the removal of these mechanics, they have a place, but they are simply implemented too harshly. They need to be reduced. In my opinion, I think batching should be reduced by 75%, and leeway by 30-40%.

If anyone else agrees, please upvote this post and comment, get this thread huge to show support and maybe the devs will change something.

tldr: reduce batching and leeway so game becomes playable.


Yes please this game feels horrible in its current state, I hate buying stuff at a vendor and it goes in my inventory like 2 years later.


They could easily half the batching/leeway, and it would still be noticed.


> Megathread

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hmm… lol

A megathread is a pinned merger of a bunch of threads about the same topic. You don’t just get to declare that your thread is a megathread.


No :smiley:

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lol, ‘megathread’


I don’t really mind so much if it stays the same. If it’s adjusted it might be alright. But almost entirely removing them? No thank you.

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There is no other TL;DR that is obvious, so here’s my starting point:

And here’s my opinion:

You started something on the wrong foot, so I’m not interested in whatever it is you have to say.

Nah, from me, but good luck to you :slight_smile:

Any druid who’s tried sprinting the flag down the tunnel with a rogue in pursuit knows that melee leeway is absolutely screwed. I definitely would support an alteration on that front, at least.


wow this goes to show the attention span of forum addicts. Read my post before you comment please.

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Batching, 200ms. Leeway, six yards.


In WoW Original™, had some oddness but it often made sense. Like the double sheep and what not, some other stuff. But most stuff worked as expected.

In WoW classic we have this artificial thing trying to recreate that. In some cases it has but overall what we get is nonsense, there is no way to predict or adapt because the spell batching is randomizing events (really lazy by the coders, there should always be a rhyme and reason, that way players can adapt even if it is different). I could make a long list but what is the point? ActiBlizz is not going to do anything about it.

As for leeway, it is broken and on this front, maybe they will make some changes since this should be easy to step back some and get it more in line with what we have. ActiBlizz will only give maybe a half-hour of coder time to anything, this could be easy enough for them to do that they throw us a bone. Though I doubt it.


yea u cant evne adapt to it, its just random.


Please remove it, nothing like dying 3 seconds after you blink from melee abilities.


I love fearing stuff, starting to bandage and getting it interrupted by a batched attack that somehow hits me way after the mob is already feared.

I had to un-learn so much muscle memory and habits from my vanilla experience because classic behaves nothing like it.


keep commenting and upvoting to make this a mega thread, only then will the blizzard developers look.


bump. “on purpose lag”, that is spell batching is garbage and feels like a pile of dooky for executes/interrupts/stuns. no longer are there clutch saves. it’s just luck of the spell batch.


Ehh do you really think they are going to work? Blizzard does minimum changes for maximum profit$

That is why 15 years ago they had tons of in game GM’s and now they have self-help. Zero money spent.

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I want to add to this becasue feral CAT druids do NOT get the same amount of leway as every other class. We have to be sitting inside a mob to even hit them.


This is in fact a vanilla problem. The point that a feral cats calculate melee range is not in line with the character model.

I had to be half way through a moving target to shred them in Vanilla.

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