Is this really the best you can do?

(Ellwindræ) #1

Ok so I my account was flagged, rightfully so I am not here to contest it but I would like to complain about the fact that every character has these notifications “Account no longer on hold…” that I have to dismiss. It would be ideal to just have it on the character who was flagged and NOT EVERY SINGLE ONE OF MY CHARACTERS… thanks


Then don’t break the rules. Simple.

(Rufflebottom) #3

Except that actions are assigned to the account and not the character. You said yourself that your account was flagged.

(Ellwindræ) #4

Ik but it should be only on the character who “did the thing” not the entire list of characters. I don’t break the rules often but some trolls I mouthed back at and they had their friends report me. Soooo yeah I am the bad person

(Mythox) #5

It was the account, not the character that was flagged. Hence the account wide notices.

(Ellwindræ) #6

I guess we can could say it was the character who was flagged , unless flagging a post flags the entire account which now that I think about it, seems silly, it should be character

(Mastadôn) #7

In this case, yes you are. I am sorry I can’t say it nicer, but that is the case in this instance.

Next time don’t feed the trolls and right click report and move on.

Actions like this are at an account level, not character level, hence the messages.

Please do not give others power over you. Don’t feed them. Because, in this instance I have a feeling it is was exactly what they wanted. For this very reason .

(Perl) #8

No, it should be the whole account. Otherwise, people would just hop onto a different character and continue to break the rules.


All right sorry,

(Mastadôn) #10

No need to be sorry. We are just trying to give the most accurate Information we can and if we can, like Perl did, explain why.

Please never be sorry for asking a question or needing more explanation.

(Levíathan) #11

A bit off topic, but I just wanted to comment here for edification’s sake.

“Mouthed back” has me believing that you may have crossed a line somewhere in the conversation. It becomes confirmed when you subsequently received an account action. That’s only possible if a human review of your actions determined them to be in violation. Who reports or how one is reported isn’t a determining factor; there has to be an underlying violation in there somewhere.

I would never say you are a bad person, but barring a mistake by the reviewing game master, you must have violated something during the exchange.

(Teufelgott) #12

So what would stop players from getting one character silenced and just swapping characters to continue acting like a tool?


I think a lot of you may be confusing the issue that Ellwindræ is providing feedback about.

I don’t think the intention here is to argue that a forum penalty should be limited to a single character. I think what Ellwindræ is saying is that when the penalty expires, the forum account receives a notification (in the top right, like when someone links to a post, or likes a reply) on every character letting them know that the penalty has expired.

I think the feedback is fair, and more account level systems are something we are actively looking into. This could also mean that trust levels can be shared across all characters on an account for example.

While not technically a bug, I would say it is safe to provide forum system feedback in the Website Bug Report forum.

(Ellwindræ) #14

Yes I was naughty, I shouldn’t have an will not do it again.

(Mastadôn) #15

Sorry I completely missed your point OP