Is there an actual date yet

Apparently we get a bunch of stuff on March 12th, somewhere around there. And the Zandalari/Kultirans will be included. Guess better late than never. /shrug

I think the most logical release date is going to be 3/12. 8.1.5 takes place “after” BoD. The final wing comes out tomorrow in LFR, and each wing has been released two weeks apart. So, I’d say the most logical release date is going to be two weeks after tomorrow… We’re still waiting on many players to finish the BoD story line.

Will they follow that pattern? I don’t know. Maybe not. But I would hope/think so.

Probably even less cause putting all that at launch would have been a heavily delayed launch which would mean longer in Legion.

That’s fine. I would gladly wait longer for an expansion to come out complete and ready and crammed to the rim with new features to experience at once.


Oh you wont see those till the xpac is over. Since you will be forced to grind the rep just to be able to play which is a bunch of bull**** imo (since they should have been out when BFA came out.

Sub is up in April so trying to decide if i even want to keep playing this beta for azeroth since this is a filler xpac and is totally trash.

I know it’s been a bit of a wait, especially for the Zandalari folks, but we just mentioned on the live stream that is diving into the art of WoW that it is the week of March 12.


LOK’TAR!!! THEY FINALLY ARRIVE! FOR THE HORDE!!!..and the alliance too i guess

Nooo, I’m leaving for BMT that day… It’ll give me somethin’ to look forward to though.

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Blizzard really needs to re-evaluate where they are spending their time, money and effort and actually listen to what players want. Players would be very content with things like new allied races, revamp of current races/forms, and a new dungeon/raid every major patch… simple. There is no need for these extracurricular activities such as island expeditions and war-fronts.

And I know I know, Blizzard doesn’t care about what players want, they care about the profits. Blizzard… you will not make profits from island expeditions and war-fronts… nobody cares!


It shall arrive on a day that ends in Y.
In a hour after 12. On a day that a hunter named (some variation of) Legolas and a demon hunter named (some variation of) Illidan meet in a random dungeon.
On this day someone will get a loot drop that they do not need. On this day a mount will refuse to drop. On this day a raid leader will have enough. All of this shall come to pass…I have foreseen it.


Maybe someone knows better than me but I’m pretty sure other than heroic warfronts, there are no new Islands or Warfronts coming in 8.2. So it sounds like they…dare I say it…listened?

I get the distinct feeling that you’re attempting to speak for someone, or multiple someones, other than yourself.

Unfortunately, or fortunately depending on your perspective…

“I don’t like this” and “there is no need for this” don’t actually mean the same thing.

I will agree that both Islands and War Fronts could be much more interesting than they are, but this kind of content (i.e. side games, ways to collect things, casual “stuff to do”) is fairly important for the overall health of the game and for many players out there who don’t raid, do dungeons, or PvP.

You speak for you. The rest of the players can speak for themselves just fine.

I might have heard or read somewhere that they may be ‘revamped’ sometime. Either way, they have been created and exist, and are a complete flop. Instead focusing on extracurricular garbage- they could of just focused a bit more on allied races, other things players desperately want and would pay money for…and thus released what everyone’s been waiting for all these months.

I speak for the majority, not sure if you have read other BFA content topics the passed few months…

If there was a trade off between more allied races/dungeons and expeditions/war-fronts, most people would choose the former. Most players do dungeons, raid and PVP (core content for the game)- not island expeditions and war fronts sweet heart.

What about class changes in 8.1.5? There’s very little to chew on as of now. You will have a lot of unhappy customers if there’s no more class development/improvements planned.


That’s what I’m saying. 8.2 appears to be doing exactly what you’re asking for. New zones, new dungeons, maybe even new allied races.

That is good news. I guess my point is I wish that they were NEVER created in the first place. If there are limited developmental resources for the game (speculation)- I just wish they would have spent it on core content rather than extracurriculars.

I agree. To be fair though, they did sound really fun on paper, especially warfronts. They just didnt execute them right. If you could queue as a guild for a warfront and there was a real chance at losing, like a mythic mode, I think that could be really fun. Its current iteration is just stupid.

it was ment to be as hard as LFR thats why but they are adding a harder version aka normal mode to it soon.Still won’t be as hard as heroic raiding or mythic raiding but better then nothing.

No person can speak for “the majority”. You can only speak for yourself.

I’m not your “sweet heart”. But thanks for thinking of me. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: