Is survival hunter fun? why is it fun?

I would like to read folk’s opinions. Is surv fun? why is it fun?


Fun is subjective!

You gotta play it yourself to decide whether it’s fun for you. :slightly_smiling_face:


Prob the most fun spec due to how unique it is. Many different builds to mess around with


As The tittle says: I want to read folk’s opinion. For me it is fun

As a goblin hunter, thematically? I love it. Mechanically? It leaves a lot to be desired for me. I find its rotation very clunky and awkward. Also I didn’t roll a hunter to play a melee class. Other classes do that better than survival spec.

I remember what survival was like prior to its change to the melee spec and I loved it. MM was burst, BM focused on the pet, survival was your traps and dots spec. You had things like serpent sting, shadow shot, explosive shot, it was equally good for raiding as well as pvp.


So nothings changed then.


As a matter of fact, there HAVE been some changes.
Anymore, Surv. Hunters equip spears?/polearms, whatever, and they jump in, stick their targets with them, and jump out. And maybe a pocket bow. And they’re a Melee spec? although quite a bit of their damage is ranged.
One other big change, the biggest change, is there are way fewer survival Hunters since the spec changed to Melee.
Probably got killed, doing that jump in, jump out foolishness. The last thing a Hunter wants to do, is get in melee range.


I find the rotation without very straightforward, WB then SS and while you wait for them to fall off you smack something with a stick. Once in a while you use KC to build back focus, but that about all there is.

Once you switch out Raptor Strike for Mongoose Bite and add WFI you now want to weave your dots with building up Mongoose Fury, and watching which effect your next WFB will have. Can take Bloodseek that way KC is more than a builder.

As a melee spec can not say it bring much to the table. It is more fixable than other melee spec as it can be mobile and still keep up with dps. However, that does not mean you will find it easy to get a raid spot. There still players who are only familiar with range Hunters and may expect that when inviting you.

If your really interested in PvP then it good option that were it shines best.

Best to try making a trail character and play with the spec. You will just hear the two same arguments that MSV came at the cost of RSV and it will never compare to how engaging the old version was. Then the other side will go on with RSV played just like MM and they all need to move on cause MSV is unique now.

Survival’s DoT capability is far more limited now and it has no baseline trap benefits, so no it is not the same.


Geez. How often do you race change?


Amazingly fun. I have characters of almost every class and I shelved all of them after I started playing survival.

I like melee dps best of all roles and Survival is so versatile at it. Having a pet for solo content as well as constant uptime on damage during movement mechanics is very nice. Being able to do 75-80% of our damage at range will absolutely spoil a person compared to playing other melee classes.

Disengage and Harpoon are also top reasons I love it compared to other melee classes.

The rotation is super simple and easy to pick up as well.

Downside to Survival is we have absolute garbage burst cooldowns compared to most other classes, so there are times where you are maxing at out at 17k or so while a monk or druid is pulling over 50k on the same pull in m+.


Imagine if it could do 100% of its damage at range.


Oh, hey…the troll is up at this time of the morning.


What percentage of ranged damage does it have to be before it’s suddenly a bad thing? 90%? 95%?


I simply cannot wait for the next time Bepples complains that it’s the MSV players who can’t stay out of threads and are constantly whining and ruining threads… The shear hypocrisy is astounding.

MSV is fun, it’s unique and offers a much different playstyle than most other specs.


a bad hunter maybe. The spec is fun and creative to play. People just dont know what to do.


Im rich. I race change all of my toons quite often. One of the many reasons I never get bored playing this game.

Not Survival Hunters. They want to get in melee range.

always have been

So I have heard, while me, as a MM Hunter, wants maximum casting range, and seldom will deliberately enter melee range.
And to be clear, the point of me avoiding melee range is to avoid taking physical damage.
That is also the point of running my pet, to have a screen between me and physical (usually) damage.