Is Paladin hard to learn in Classic?

Like hunters, they are easy to level and “play”, but when you find one that knows that a Paladin is not a warrior with mana, but a utility machine, you come to realize there is a lot more to it than seal+judge+seal.

Watch Esfand play on their SM Cathedral run on Twitch.

All classes are pretty easy to learn. Killing things is hard BECAUSE you lack the plethora of combat utility spells that we got used to from Wrath onwards. The hardest thing to learn is NOT to use abilities just because they’ve come off CD.


you just auto attack and side heal along with seals.why do you think people call it auto attack god.oh yea they can beat warriors with bubble,lay on hands heals and auto attacks…lol

Blizz confirmed already that Rekt Pal won’t work on Classic. Its only worked on Pservers.

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Paladin is one of the easier classes. If you deal damage you pretty much auto attack. But likely you wouldn’t be dealing damage in pve so you’d be spamming the same heal. Pretty basic. If you’re into the auto attack afk leveling play style it is enjoying but if you’re used to a spam button complex rotation you may be disappointed.

Can I get a source for that?

Here you go second one from the top.


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I don’t know what level you were doing that at or what spec you were using, but any time I tried to go out of mana it happened. I also don’t remember seal of light or wisdom being strong enough to recover a significant amount of mana to chain pull same-level mobs.

  • Being critically struck while using /sit to sit does not cause abilities like Enrage, Blood Craze, and Reckoning to activate.

Doesn’t mean the Reckoning build is dead. Just harder to cheese prefight. It should still proc/store 1 charge per crit while not standing.

Hopefully we’ll know for sure when they raise the level cap in beta.

To be fair ret plays just like any other Paladin spec: seal>judge>seal>auto attack>seal…loot.

Depends on your definition of chain pulling.

My typical endless pull would go:

Mob 1) Crusade -> judge -> comm -> judge and then usually target was dead by then

Mob 2) repeat mob 1

Mob 3) usually oom, so Wisdom -> judge -> wisdom -> judge repeat till mana back to usable levels without killing the mob

Mob 4) usually low HP thanks to recovering mana on mob 3, so light -> judge -> light -> judge repeat till HP at usable levels again

Repeat from mob 1

Only way I’d ever go oom in vanilla was using consecrate or actually healing. I never needed to actually heal unless I was pulling more than one mob at a time, which was usually a mistake where I had to use bubble, stun, LOH, flash/holy light, etc.

I was being satirical.

Nothing is hard in WoW after you have to teach yourself Calculus in College because of bad Professors

I would take advantage of the 5 second rule and cast spells together then wait to recover mana. Casting flash of light was pretty mana efficient. I would seal>judge>seal then flash of light>seal when the seal expired. I would use wisdom when I ran low on mana after an extra pull.

There was no way for me to know that considering how serious some people can be in forums and you didn’t use /satire :wink:

That’s incredibly surprising. It makes sense to me that they would prevent /sit macroing from working that way. Feels bad though.

Fair enough.

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Actually, I think the point they’re making is that it NEVER worked that way in original Vanilla, it’s just a thing that creeped into the game on the private servers.

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No I found a blue post confirming reckoning will not proc stacks while sitting.

Here’s the archived post.
http: //blue. cardplace. com/cache/wow-paladin/1069149.htm

and here’s the reddit thread I found that linked to it.
https:// www. reddit. com/r/classicwow/comments/a36vzp/clarification_on_sit_exploit/

Yeah, pretty sure I just said that.

Eh. Thats if you heal.

Personally i tanked every raid boss as a paladin up until kel. My guild down sapph but didn’t gey kel before bc.

We never ran a warrior also. Was it easy of course not. Would having a warrior been optional of course it would be. But it was a lot more fun.