Is Paladin hard to learn in Classic?

So ive been debating for a while on what to play when Classic release and i am thinking to try playing a Paladin to become a healer in Raid. I barely ever played Paladin Class in WoW, how hard are they to learn?

Click the Greater Blessing button that you’re assigned to.
Select the Tank you’re assigned to and click the Flash Heal button.
That’s about it. Have fun.

Oh wait, I forgot about Judgments.
Select the MT target and click the Seal you’re assigned with and then click the Judge button.
That’s about it. Good luck.


What about when leveling tho, am not to familiar with its mechanic and abilities.

Jokes aside, I didn’t level a Paladin until TBC.
Probably use Judgment of the Crusader + Seal of Righteousness.
Maybe go Holy to get Consecration.
When you hit 38ish probably respec and grab Reckoning in the Prot Tree.
You should probably pickup Holy Shield too.
I think that’s mostly it.
Actually… you can’t use Holy Shield with a 2-hander if I’m thinking straight. Well w/e.

To expand on this.

You want to go into prot to get reckoning which Everytime you get crit it makes it so u store a change then when u attack it releases all the stored hits.

So pull a few mobs, spam sit to keep getting crit to get mote reckoning, get up hit 1 of the mobs 5 times with 1 swing and repeat.

Yeah that.

You Seal, then you Judge, then you Seal again and auto attack until your target dies.

paladins are the easiest class to play in vanilla wow. Leveling is pretty much just auto attacking the whole time.

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I’ve fond this guys classic guides pretty good in trying to decide what class I want to play. This is his classic paladin guide video.

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There will almost certainly be addons to manage Blessings. You basically only heal with Flash of Light and use Holy Light with certain spells like the one that guarantees a crit. There’s a bit of a skill in knowing when your casters are going to pull aggro so that you can BoP them before they get one shot. Just remember to rebuff them after BoPing them.

Leveling a Paladin you are basically autoattacking the entire way. I recommend having something on the side to watch while you level. It’s a slog.

How much do you like healing?
That is all you will be allowed to do.

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I hope you like autoattacking. You’ll be doing it a lot during leveling. There’s really not much you can do attack wise.

In the ol’ days, Paladins were mostly brought as healers, as they start to fall off as tanks and certainly as DPS, but I’m positive most people will be playing what they want so if you want to go Ret, by all means.

Paladins were originally built to be an easier to play class, so they’re easy to learn in Vanilla. Especially as a healer, you’ll mostly be using Flash of Light rank 4 or 6 at max level.

As others have said while leveling it’s a lot of auto attacking with seals, so while it’s not hard is it a bit of a slog. There is an AoE build you can do, but you need to be a higher level to pull it off as you want Holy Shield + Consecration for it.

Paladin is stupidly simple to learn. You can figure out how to play a paladin perfectly by simply reading the tool tips.

Leveling goes like this for pally: Seal > judge > seal > auto-attack till judgement comes off > seal

Not really a shocker given that they’re probably the most boring option of all healers. It seems pretty clear, by their class set stats and their spells, that they were largely intended to be melee fighters with a lot of support spells. Not a budget priest or a yellow warrior.

Using the right seal is the question, though. You’d want to use Seal of Command with slow weapons, Seal of Righteousness with very fast weapons and/or high spell damage. Seal of the Crusader is useful for judging bosses, followed by using Seal of Command or Righteousness.

Seal of Light and Wisdom are for more for helping the group by judging the boss with them for healing or mana regen. Then there’s the matter of all the utility spells you have to account for, cleansing and blessing allies.

A paladin’s pretty basic in solo play - you really need a group to get the most out of it.


You forgot dispelling, bubbling casters who got aggro, changing auras to the damage type being done, spell ranking, stunning mobs…etc

level as Ret…you can still heal dungeons. Respec at 60 to be holy/whatever.

leveling as holy will take you forever…approach mob, set auto attack, go watch TV, come back to dead mob, loot and move on to next mob.

I’m leaning toward Paladin for Classic but I’m also dreading it because of how tedious it is to level one. The old joke about getting up to make a sammich while you auto attack a mob to death is accurate.

You have one active attack which is Judgement and one active combat ability which is the Seal you choose to run with. You put up your Seal and Auto Attack until the Seal is going to fall off then you Judge. Repeat until the mob is dead.

If you want to be more active you can Judge whenever the CD is up but you’ll also go OOM faster which will cause downtime.

My favorite way to play ret in vanilla is constantly trying to oom while chain pulling, forcing the need to seal twist in things like light and wisdom to recover HP and mana when you get low on those things. If you’re content to just go slow and drink between pulls, it’s much more boring and you’re missing out on a huge chunk of the flexibility of the class IMO.