Is Paladin hard to learn in Classic?

Again… I was being satirical…

Its kinda sad. You still have people on the forums claiming sit criting to proc abilities
was a thing in vanilla. When it never was. They than post videos from back than trying to prove it. Only thing is the videos they post are from private servers.

Um, no.

They confirmed the /sit macro doesn’t work. But it never did for vanilla anyway. Reck Paladins worked so well that they nerfed Reck to a 4 stack.

That’s what I ment guy. see who I was replying to. I’ve got post confirming the /sit exploitwon’t work.

That’s all the bad Paladins are allowed to do.

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All paladins are Alliance, so they are all bad.


I can see how that might trigger you. Since bad Paladins are still better than good shaman.

It was done once by a prot pally that accumulated 1816 charges.
And then immediately hot fixed by Blizzard.


video: May 2005 it’s out there on youtube.

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That’s not accurate. No matter how good a T1 Paladin is they will be healing unless their guild lets them do another spec. If they needed to do a PUG they more than likely would not get a raid spot as anything other than Holy.


go Prot and sword + board + thorns + Reckoning and AoE farm mobs (or simply 2h Reckoning)

or all the way down the Retribution tree

but don’t, don’t, don’t level as Holy - you will waste a large portion of your life if you do…

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Nice contradiction you got there.

It’s not a contradiction. T1 is a healing gear set. If a T1 Paladin is trying to get into a PUG raid as another spec than Holy they will probably be asked to switch to Holy. If the player is raiding with their guild PUG rules don’t apply and what spec they run all depends on the guild leadership and the player’s personal status with them.

T1 is not a healing set. It’s a hybrid set.

Paladins don’t have a healing set until T3, which is why all of the old clear screenshots have Paladins in cloth.

Developers designed all the original gear for Paladins as melee damage sets and offheals, because how Paladins worked in beta was totally different than release.

They gutted the original damage system and left auto attack queens with gear that didn’t entirely match their best ability left in a group environment.

One would think you would have an agreement of expectations of the guild and the individual before joining.


My memory isn’t that great, but I don’t think reckoning is worth getting. I don’t know how often mobs crit, but I don’t think it’s often enough to make it worth spending 5 talent points especially if the player takes the Anticipation talent which increases defense.

Im sure you know what Auto attack is.

Its your best friend

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You are splitting hairs. There is no damage and healing, there is no +hit, and there are no defensive stats on it. It’s not a Ret set and it’s not a tanking set, it’s a healing set. My point was it’s not a tanking or Ret set which is absolutely isn’t. There is no Tier tanking set for Paladins.

The reason paladins are in cloth has nothing to do with T1 not being a healing set, which is absolutely was. Gear was rare back in Vanilla and if a paladin was healing a dungeon or raid they got to roll on healing gear be it leather, plate, or cloth. I didn’t get my T1 chest until my guild was clearing all but C’Thun in AQ40 and it was still an upgrade over my cloth chest I had for nearly a year.

I actually think there is a video of Jeff Kaplan (somewhat joking) explaining that Paladins were made to be easier for new players/people still learning the game fully.

As many have explained above ^ Leveling is a bit boring, in my opinion, because it is a lot of auto-attacking for quite a long time. This class could be fun if you want to watch TV/YouTube/etc while leveling. But maybe it won’t prove to be the most immersive, intense experience. Who knows! Try it out if you get BETA or when live hits :slight_smile:

Edit: They also have some great HPS at cap if healing is your thing. But if you want to try dps, I think people have found optimal shockadin/spelladin builds too.

It’s a bad healing set. Budget is spent too much on non-healing stats.

It does have a gimmick through its set bonuses but it’ll need to be tested when the level cap is 60 and if we ever get access to raid gear.


It’s better than most dungeon gear available at phase one. And it’s a good set for soloing, though T2 or T0 is much better for that and healing.