Is High Warlord/Grand Marshal easier to get now?

As I said, an entirely new system is needed for decay to not exist dude.

You don’t even understand the system you’re ranking in. You don’t know wtf you’re talking about at all.

I’ve never been miserable tanking. Every rank I ever partake in I ALWAYS have fun. I literally look forward to it every server.

You said you don’t have but a few hours a week to play. Meaning you couldn’t rank in the old system and if you still can’t do it you aren’t really at a loss anyways.

Blizzard Never said they were going to make the rank easy or free. I’m sorry you had that impression

I have no sympathy dude. We all did it with 2 million caps. It has been cut by THREE fourths and if you can’t do it you need to just accept you do not have the ability to get this gear. It was never meant for everyone to have it. That just breaks the game

Maybe all the T3 and recent Rank 14s players enjoy only PvE. Maybe the pvpers have responsibilities outside of Azeroth and can’t reach 500k a week. Maybe it’s time to think outside the box. Decay is the reason you don’t see AB/WSG. You can’t earn enough honor to beat decay in either of them. If there was no decay I’m queuing all 3 and going whichever pops first because I’m not ice skating uphill anymore. Once I’m Rank 14 I’m queuing strictly AB/WSG because I can compete. Av is more pve and I do not enjoy it but it’s the necessary evil now.

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This is how I know you don’t know wtf you’re talking about.

You don’t have the time required for the rank. Just accept that. The rank had never been easier. What do you want them to do, give you rank 14 at 400 kills?

Uhm… clearly you don’t have enough time to play the game, rank and even understand what’s going on. You don’t see AB/WSG because the rankers just want gear with minimal effort and AV is that avenue. I don’t like to spam queue AV but I’ll do it because that’s the way I can get my honor without really even having to look at my screen. Sucks but that’s the way it is. And then because everyone is in AV, even the people that do want to play those BGs don’t queue. People don’t queue AB/WSG because ofc the honor is way worst, but it also requires effort, and that’s it. Would there be more participation if they removed decay? Maybe. But as I’ve said, I’ve been queuing on and off and the people that are in those BGs are mostly not rank 14s. People aren’t ranking now to PVP they rank because they want gear, or a title. Is that everyone? No. But is it a significant amount of people? Probably.

I agree - the honor is mega bad and also requires people to play their characters. HPE vs HPH.

Compete with what? There’s people in blues and greens queueing WSG right now, that’s the type of people that are queuing, the people that don’t use gear as an excuse and own regardless. Is it optimal? No. But they love the game and understand that gear isn’t everything. Rank 14s aren’t queuing those BGs (probably because they got owned by players in blues rank 10 set one too many times).

I have a hard time buying this because typically when BGs have a queue for one side the meta is to queue all three, not sitting and waiting 20 mins for one. By queuing all 3 you make the best use of your wait time and increase your HPH. Even if you get stomped in some games.

Here is an example from my rank grind in March 2020:

So what you’re saying just seems backward to me.

Plus it is accurate to say that, of all the new R14s that claimed they would be doing WSG and AB, almost none of those players are now.


You can only go up a maximum of 4 ranks per week as it stands right now. They could easily change it to 1-2 ranks per week. So you have no decay and a max of 1-2 ranks per week. So 14-28 weeks or longer depending on amount of time you have to play. Why are we comparing it to the old system? That system is gone and is never coming back. It is universally considered the most unhealthy system there ever was. I’m proud of you guys who did 2 mil and you deserve a cookie. We are all older and do not have time to play like we once did. If you want them to increase ab and WSG honor for getting 0 objectives that’s fine too. That will just create it’s own issues. Having zero decay and a cap on rank increase every week won’t but you are against it. I know I won’t reach rank 14 as it is right now and I’m fine with that. At the same time you won’t get AB/WSG as it is right now. So advocate for what you want but try thinking from a different perspective than well I had to do 2 mil a week so should you. The way it is now no one is winning except bots lol.

Yeah they changed that because of an error on their part from the beginning.

Do you know HOW they did that? No you don’t.

If you remove decay but hardcap people by 2 ranks a week, that means it will require the same effort to rank from 0-2 as it would from 12-14. Because the determining factor of resistance from rank 0-2 and rank 12-14 is because of the decay coefficient AT EACH RANK.

Yeah I did it while working. I had to make sacrifices like everyone else like sleep/eating properly/getting enough sunlight etc

That’s entirely due to Eras demographic of players, not the Boogie man Rank decay. Era players are a whole different animal than 2019 players and it’s incredibly obvious to see.

Yeah I did. That’s why I welcomed the new system.

The new system is easier yes and less punishing, but NO WHERE did blizzard say they intended for the rank to be free/easy and you have zero proof to show for that

You also just flat out do not understand the fundamentals of the ranking system.

Remove decay and hardcap 2 rank maximums and rank 12-14 will feel exactly like it did from rank 0-2.

Maybe now you’ll understand

Despite my stance, I do see where you’re coming from. If AV wasn’t a meta I might even share your opinion tbh AV is perfect for AFK ranking especially on alliance since the queues are long enough that I can do things IRL in between. I wouldn’t be able to rank in the old system (nor the new one if the meta wasn’t AV), and if gear was really my concern, I’d just resort to getting PVE gear so I could play the occasional BGs more effectively/have more fun since obviously gear makes everything easier.

That being said, the reason why those BGs aren’t active is mostly because the majority of people that are ranking are looking for paths of least resistance. AV provides that and everyone knows that. It’s also the least engaging BG in terms of PVP combat, which I feel many people ranking aren’t fond of to start with. Therefore all the pug rankers are in AV, the “premade” rankers are also there because the pugs are there, and the people that keep WSG and AB alive are those that actually want games to last over 8 minutes.

Era rankers just want gear and a title and log off and feel good they accomplished something. They aren’t queuing jack after they reach rank 14 and we see this currently. Even on AB weekends where honor would be very good if not better than AV if you queued with a stack, people are still stuck in AV. Is it everyone? No. But it’s a very strong majority.

That’s only for the super low ranks though. You cannot jump 2 ranks from 12 > 14, for example.

It’s a lot different for horde today lol.

I hear they have instant queues while us alliance are stuck in the 10-20m (depending on time of day).


I don’t really care what you believe. That is what it is.

So we can plan on seeing you q wsg on Saturday after you finish?


What rank are you bud

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This thread was created to do just that by asking if things are easier now.

To which I say yes as you don’t have to talk to any other person, so the socially awkward have no hurdle now, and there’s a set cap so thinking about numbers outside of getting to a set one is not required either. It’s still time-consuming and does require a grind at the end and yes, 1-2 hours a week won’t cut it.

This whole genre is a time-sink. 1-2 hours a week doesn’t get anyone far but I did suggest something legit to you that exists today which is better for those with next to no time (Wrath).

This is NOT related to decay.

Personally, time is like and ebb and flow to me. These days I’ve got the same amount of free time I did in 2005. There have been times in the last 18 years when I’ve only had 1-2 hours a week to game and I did not play WoW. I’ve got free time right now I’m not really playing it right now either.

On horde right now (Saturday 1PM PST) - AV queues are instant, WSG have 7 min queues (although I got a near insta pop), AB 2 minutes.

If people are playing I would que right now.

There was literally 1 ab game going today.

I agree they need to buff honor in AB and WSG. People would probably que then. Majority of the pop right now is GDKPS.

Apparently it’s popping today

And a lot of people are in blues as it usually is

There’s almost no way you’re queuing WSG.

You decided against it the first week when it was popping and you’ve only kept posting about AV.

Be honest for one time at least, you play a rogue so you can hide and pick your targets and only engage when you know there will be a win. No bravery at all. No uniqueness at all. Just another boring flavor of the month rogue. Blaming your weapons for the losses against those few you didn’t take after skipping so many.

Or prove this wrong and go do WSG on Saturday like Lazarak suggested. I’d love to see it.

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Its funny that you’re telling me what I would or wouldn’t do lol… Do you understandshow asinine that sounds? You do understand that just because some thing comes out of your mouth its not whats actually happening right? Or do you really believe everything you spew is reality? Thats comical.

I have qued wsg and AB. I played a bunch of ABS on the last AB weekend.

I have qued today, it most def is not popping. It wasn’t popping earlier but its only 4pm here so maybe it will this evening. There is 1 ab game as of right now.

Listen, i am with you guys. I am bored to tears with AV. I go gank between ques sometimes I miss the AV que due to ganking. But AB and WSG honor gains are horrendous unless you have a premade and the game is actually popping.

Maybe you guys are just use to winning all the games as horde in ERA… I dunno

Finner queuing WSG rn tho :open_mouth: