Is Hardware Multiboxxing allowed?

Your post is nothing but trolling. I don’t really feel like addressing it as anything more than that.

No, your post was completely tainted by your own views and not the rules that were put in place. At the moment hardware multiboxing is 100% okay as it doesn’t require any input broadcasting software. Now they might change their stance on that in the future and have every right to do so.


You have no idea what you’re talking about.

You have got to be one of the most pointless persons I’ve ever communicated with.

Trying to circumvent rules is almost always punishable. You’d have to be a total child to not understand that.

How you feel doesn’t dictate the validity of what has been stated.

Indeed, this is indicative of your post.

I’m just going to say this for anyone who actually wanted a legitimate answer to this reasonable question.

If you try to use hardware to circumvent a software ban, expect to be punished for doing so. I’m not saying it will happen. I’m saying you expect it to happen.

Either way, ignore these trolls. They are cancer of society.

Except there is no ban on multiboxing… There was a policy change specific to input broadcasting software. No amount of your feelings changes the rules that were put in place. Hardware multiboxing is 100% currently allowed.

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But the point he’s getting at is valid. They didn’t ban input broadcast software because input broadcasting software is inherently evil…they banned it because it lets you do something they don’t like, and hardware multiboxing is of course another route to that same capability. Any common sense judge & jury can tell the intent of the law they made as opposed to half-assed implementation.

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And that’s why I said they can change their policy again in the future and it’s well within their right to do so. Doesn’t change facts at the moment.

You’re right, technically…but if you happen to be on the wrong side of some GM’s judgment with a pile of reports from rando’s that would see you banned for your muliboxiing, will it matter that you’re technically right? If you’re a streamer, you probably have the sort of clout to not be ignored, but someone like myself might never see their account online again.

…It’s such a bad rule and bad execution.

Technically, circumventing the rules is not allowed.

By the way, I am using the word “technically” correctly.

As long as no input broadcasting software is being used no rules are being circumvented. Are you illiterate or just dumb?

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How do you not know what the word “circumvent” means?

Also, how are there not enough people here to make fun of you for not knowing what that word means?

Swapping input broadcasting software for input broadcasting hardware is circumventing the ruling by Blizzard. However, tracking down a hardware input broadcast would be impossible to confirm and require pretty thorough investigation to suspect. Even if Blizzard thoroughly investigates an account using hardware to broadcast inputs, at best all they can do is suspect that the player is using the hardware.

I’m sure there is some signature left by the hardware when it’s been used, some sort of shared input origin for all linked devices, but I doubt Blizzard has readied itself to detect it.

It’s pretty apparent when an action is performed “simultaneously” even if it’s done in a way that isn’t detectable (hardware). It’s thin ice for a defense.

Not true! If you’ve been using software for the past 16 years to circumvent a hardware solution (where that software solution has finally been banned), why would you listen to this garbage opinion?

Yeah… that post made so much sense.


If that was the case, they would have simply banned multiboxing as a whole. They did not. In the future they might if it turns out the issue they wanted to address is not resolved.

But, in this case where they were so specific as to only state software input broadcasting is against the rules, it’s intentional. Blizzard aren’t stupid. If they intended to ban hardware boxing as well, they would have.

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Multiboxing wasn’t banned because it didn’t break Blizzard’s policy on keystrokes… technically…

I mean you can make all the assumptions you want I guess.

“no other restrictions have been announced regarding hardware” means it’s OK.

I have been using hardware with 20 PCs (Personal Computers) all connected to one keyboard/mouse with a USB KVM Synchronous Switch. I have been doing this since about the middle of November 2020 and also live stream. I go to where the most players I know are, Orgrimmar and Eastern Plaguelands. I also live stream while doing it. Since the middle of November I have not received any warning or suspension. The point being, it’s ALLOWED. The NeverBoxers don’t want to hear that but check out the PreparedWoW live stream if you would like to see 20 boxing with hardware legitimately.

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