Is ganking cyberbullying?


Oh no, I think he is a little too tender for pvp. :joy: :joy: :joy:


That is the most ridiculous thing ive ever heard. People are so soft


In all honesty if that is how he feels, then respect his beliefs and move on. It’s ok if you play on different servers.




Just bully your friend IRL til he grows a pair, then get him to roll with you.

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PvP is not for your friend, and he should go to a PvE server.

You, on the other hand, should go to a PvP server.

I’m sure you will both be OK.


While I do agree that for a long time, authority turned a blind eye to bullying and in the past few years, things get done about it but once that started, all sorts of things started getting branded as “bullying” because someone didn’t like it.

If ganking one day officially became “cyberbullying”, I would genuinely not be surprised.


I’m all for stopping bullying, but this thing people do where they escalate everything to an extreme issue is just stupid. Being killed in a video game that encourages people to target one another, and upgrading that to cyberbullying isn’t just stupid, it is an insult to those that have been victims of real cyberbullying.

  1. You roll on pvp server when he’s not online; play together on pve server
  2. You roll just on the pve server and play with them there
  3. You roll yourself on pvp server and forget about pve servers ever.

Those are pretty much your choices lmao. And tell your friend that killing someone in a GAME that ALLOWS KILLING of the other person isn’t cyberbullying.

Also tell them to better refine their definition of cyberbullying.


Either your friend grows up or get new friends who are so sensitive

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Nope… repeatedly camping a low level maaaaay cross that line but no.


Get a new friend.


If you are on a PvP server, you clearly consented to PvP.


How is it not?

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Agreed. Cyberbullying shouldn’t be minimized, as much as some people may want to laugh at the idea of it, in reality it can have truly devastating impacts on victims. But being ganked, even being camped, does not even come close to cyberbullying.

Ganking is simply being killed in a game because you happened to cross paths with someone of the opposite faction that was considerably stronger. It’s almost never a deliberate, personal attack, and it doesn’t impact your real life. You can always find a way to escape or change characters or just logout and take a break until they leave.

Cyberbullying is personal, it has a real impact on your life and has the potential to ruin relationships, ruin job opportunities, often encourages other people to join in and can stick with them for a long time. There are significantly fewer options to get away from it when it actually happens, and far too often, people take the drastic option. And there’s no logging back in when that happens.

Point is, ganking can be a nuisance, but that’s about as far as it goes. There may be a harassment case if someone literally spends all of their time targeting you specifically and intentionally tries to make you unable to play at all, but even that is still not the same.

TL;DR - cyberbullying is real and can be truly devastating, and the people in this thread who are trying to minimize it should probably spend some time researching it. But ganking/camping are absolutely NOT cyberbullying.


Ganking is not, but in my opinion, corpse camping is.


I can’t fathom how so many people will play on pvp servers and then complain about pvp… if you don’t like it then LEAVE!


Neither are. And here is my reasoning for saying that: All parties involved joined the PvP server knowing what can and does happen. You agree to the rules just by making characters there.

Bullying and cyberbullying do not have any such mutual agreement.


Not any more than a game of checkers against a human is cyberbullying. Now if a human chases you around with the checkerboard and demands you keep playing checkers after he’s beaten you a couple times, or laughs and spits on you every time he wins, you get into bullying territory.

Really hinges on the character of the other humans in any particular server. Some servers might have 90% of the opposing faction laughing and spitting and hounding lowbies and some servers might have 90% of the opposing faction giving a /wave and taking the quest mobs on the left while you take the ones on the right.

Either way, if your friend wants a relaxing game where he can afk from almost anywhere, then a pvp server isn’t for him. If he wants a game where he has to keep alert and fight a hard fight from time to time, then pvp server might be the way to go. Also if their time Is limited, then pvp probably isn’t for them. (I had to turn warmode off in retail at one point where the other faction outnumbered mine 20:1 during some assault quests and all I got from wpvp was a lot of instadeath and long walks from the cemetary and risk not finishing the assault quests in time.)


As stated, Player versus Player is about competition against other players.

WoW is probably one of the most “friendly” pvp games I’ve played.

Sure, you can have bad days but some players just can’t handle “losing” or think that because someone kills you in game, they have it out just for you.

I think WoW handles it quite well as I’ve played MMORPGS like Ultima Online and Lineage 2 which had very harsh PvP systems. You know?

Like drop your gear upon death systems, equipped with long runs back to questing zones and power guilds that would randomly steam roll you.

There weren’t any set factions, which is almost the same thing as being in an “infinite” guild since you will ALWAYS have allies.