Is ganking cyberbullying?


That’s subject to opinion. I’ll remain thinking what I want to think and you can do the same. If you push someone to the point of depression, or frustration, even on a game that is cyberbullying. It’s not limited to telling someone online they should go kill themself.


I remember Runescape had this where you’d only be allowed to keep the best 3 pieces of your gear when you died and the rest were lootable. Most of us got used to running around in rune plate leggings and body armor and a rune axe and nothing else. :slight_smile: (Maybe an amulet and some heals you wouldn’t mind losing if you die.)

There was a mud I played where you’d lose an entire level + whatever experience you had onhand, but you could only attack people within 4 levels of you (higher or lower). Even so, getting killed would set you back for days if you were close to your next level when you died.

Warcraft you lose nothing but the time it takes to run back and possibly a mining node or chest or something you were about to get. Even so, if time is at a premium, and someone’s not the best at pvp or doesn’t have a good crew around them, the pvp server probably isn’t the way to go.


and at what point do you look at the so called oppressed player and say “why did you make the choice to do this to your self?”


I don’t get whats so hard if you don’t want to get ganked or pvp go to a pve server? literally the solution is right there and they just had free transfers


Ganking no, Camping yes


It’s part of the game and why I can’t not play on PvE. The only winning move against people what will use their time to waste yours is not to play.


No, it’s just part of the game. But I wouldn’t want to roll on a PvP server because it sounds annoying. I played Ultima Online back when I was a kid, prior to them having consensual PvP servers, and it was a trial at times. Also I am a nice guy and don’t want to fight someone in a game unless they’re down to pound too.


one possible example i could think of this would be serenity raiding the girl’s funeral from a while ago


You can’t. PvP is not for him.

I’ve had a lot of discussions on the forums about this over the years. The people who pull out their armchair psychology degrees and start tossing out buzzwords like “cyberbulling” and “sociopathy” (yep, I’ve seen it a few times) generally cannot be convinced, regardless of how patient you try to be, that PvP in a videogame on a server type specifically designed to facilitate that is not the same as bullying somebody who does not wish to be bullied.

Your friend does not enjoy PvP, or at least not being ganked by players who take him by surprise or outlevel or outnumber or any combination of the above. I have some strong opinions about the kind of weak, sensitive soul who tries to equate PvP happening on a PvP server to actual real-world problems like bullying or mental illness that I won’t share here. Suffice to say your friend will not like a PvP server and has been very clear on that, and you need to respect that because you will not change his mind.


I spent 4 hours in STV by the hemit nessingwary camp, just ganking alliance. I litterally gained 2 bars of XP in that time. It was great. Some of the Alliance I even got about 7 times. I also got ganked too. It was great. I plan on doing that again once the servers stabilize.


Meh. Not really. Pvp happened, etc.

Now in my opinion, camping someone for more than 5 kills is a bit excessive, but thats only if they didnt do anything to start the conflict other than exist. If theyre fighting back, I’d give it 8 or 9.

Finally, if they followed you to snipe mob tags, snipe nodes, chests, etc. The max camp I’d say is around 15 to 20.


No, cyberbullying doesn’t exist in WoW except when somebody says something you personally disagree with in trade chat. Then they have crossed the line and you should try to convince everyone on the realm to ignore them.


Tell your friend to go play FarmVille.


I dont mind ganking anyone and everyone, Call in your friends, attack me. Also whats great is using distract to move people off the docks in BB. It doesnt aggro the guards…


World PvP hotspots are the exception to my aforementioned opinions. Outside gadgetzan, BB, HBFH, or Blackrock: Yo grass is bass baby


That’s besides the point dude. Whether or not they chose to play on a pvp server doesn’t define what cyberbullying is.


I would disagree that it’s cyber bullying, and probably he doesn’t need to play on a pvp server.

Of course, you could always teach him how to play so he can defend himself. Maybe encourage a class that face rolls other people.

Then again, if he’s starting off calling it cyberbullying I really have the feeling he’s not that strong of a person to start with. Kinda think being afraid to play on a pvp server is like being afraid to leave your house in Memphis. Yeah, there’s crime (or ganking in this case) but like my beloved hellhole city you can actively avoid the bad parts of town (er… the world) to make your life easier. You can also call for help. There’s something in classic that makes people ban together (yall have seen the world pvp, group on group, one on one, 5 on one XD and no honor to be had at all yet) so he can also call to others for help. Or ask you :wink:

(Idun) #204

Thing is, everything you do in-game is logged. People tend to forget that. The CMs who have commented on posts like I used as an example don’t go into great detail; they don’t have to. We don’t need to know what, exactly, was sent to someone to harass them.


Sounds like your friend is a snowflake and deserves the ganking.

Edit: maybe it’ll toughen him up. If he’s taking things personally in a video game when the other faction who is his sworn enemy attacks him…he probably needs psychological help. He would have knowingly rolled on a PvP server and subjected himself to the situation.


Your friend is a special soul and probably waayy to sensitive if hes afraid of ganks lol