Is ganking cyberbullying?


My friend doesn’t want to roll on a PVP server with me because he claims that world PvP, specifically ganking, is basically cyberbullying. I’m not sure how to convince him otherwise


Yeah, your friend should stick to a PvE server lol



It really is that simple an answer, but you have to post more words…so…No


Time to find new friends that arnt Cowards


Yeah, don’t pull him onto a PVP server - he will hate it. We don’t need more PvP frauds whining about how they been done wrong because they were ganked or outnumbered.


El oh el


I don’t see ganking as cyberbully as it’s part of how the game is meant to be played on a PvP server.

Perhaps in his best interest he should stay on a PvE server.


There’s no convincing someone that thinks that way. I know he’s your friend but, not sure what to tell you.


Tell Butters to stick to Hello Kitty Island adventure…

If he uses the word cyber bullying unironically, he probably shouldn’t play a game called WARcraft


No. It’s a PvP server… PvP happens on PvP servers…

Am I being physically abused when people ram into me and shove me around in a pick up basketball game?


your friend is a snowflake and should not play in any competitive environment.

unless you can talk him into playing alliance on Netherwind so I can bully him.


Yes, ganking is cyberbullying! What fun.


Is it cyber bullying to play competitive games like LoL, overwatch, halo, etc?

Are we that sensitive that we now consider killing people in a game that allows and rewards killing as cyber bullying?

(Piddy) #16

Normally, no, it’s not Cyber Bullying.

But that doesn’t mean it can’t be an outlet for such.

If you’re ganked and camped, that’s just…PvP.

But it certainly can have the potential for escalating. It’s just very, very rare.


Your friend sounds like they have a lot of issues going on outside of WoW that they should probably work on before spending time gaming.


You can’t convince an illogical person to use logic. Don’t waste your time.

Your friend is an unfortunate casualty of certain modern doctrines. The only thing you can do is protect future generations from such outcomes.


Give ‘em the old catform sit-n-stand and a couple of /spits, really tempers their self esteem.


Retail sounds more his speed


Don’t worry. The people who rolled on PvP servers also think it’s bullying. Everyone in Hillsbrad on Kromcrush is constantly whining about being killed by Alliance players. I don’t understand it.


His main reasoning is that in those other games both players are consenting. If someone is out farming mobs in wow and they get ganked they did not consent to pvp