Is ganking cyberbullying?


He is correct. And it sounds like he would not enjoy spending most of his time running back to his body.

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Bingo. It’s easier now than in the past to contact players outside the game – or for pvp servers, on the opposite faction – and mock them for losing/being bad/being their faction, etc via social media.

And, a reminder that contacting people for the purpose of going “nyah nyah” by ingame means is considered harassment by Blizzard. Think back to that “I was banned for PvPing!” thread of some months ago that turned out to be a lie . The poster was punished for sending harassing ingame mail to the people he beat.

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Your friend is correct, which is why I don’t play on a PVP server.

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Accurate! :laughing:


It’s not.

When you have a CHOICE to roll on a PvP realm, it’s not.

When you have a CHOICE to turn War mode on or off, it’s not.


FFS no they need to know tis just a game this nature of the beast.


It’s always been a slippery slope for Blizzard to spill the beans about “what really happened” when someone posts about actions they took. They’ve shown people to be liars but then the times when they’re shown to be liars, they delete the posts.


Now, this is a ridiculous thing to say, no its not if he cannot handle PVP in a PVP server then just stick to PVE server like I do, I do not enjoy PVP at all and never did so I stick to PVE server.

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There is no “safe spaces” on PvP servers…better stick with PvE servers…lol


Tell your friend to cry about it on his tumblr.


“I’m gonna report you to the cyber puh-lese”

“Cause I back traced it”


I would say don’t bother trying to convince him. He obviously isn’t the kind of person that would enjoy a PVP server, so just leave it be. Different people have different tastes, otherwise we wouldn’t have PVP servers at all.


If ur a :snowflake:, yes.


Sounds overly sensitive. Have him stick to pve servers imo. Or convince him its just pixel on the screen and getting ganked, while maybe annoying isn’t any more cyber bullying than losing in a game of online chess by a more experience player (in lieu of higher level character).


The human brain doesn’t fully develop until the mid-twenties. The last thing to develop is the prefrontal cortex responsible for reason, judgment, and impulse control. Tweens don’t have fully functioning brains and so are incapable of understanding things like honor, dignity, and sportsmanship. They only desire whatever benefits them at the moment. Teens are little more than animals that can speak.


No I remember Bliizard made a account bound thing for 100% armor piecing to help defend your self from being camped in war mode . For against over whelming odds if im not wrong and its your choice to go pvp or not so no its not cyber bulling. Cyber bulling is messing with someone emotionally and physically. PVP has its own nature don’t like it don’t flag your self or get out of a pvp server.


I personally love Hello Kitty.


Your friend should be playing Wow millennial’s edition lol
how it works, before you attack another pvper you send them a message if its ok to attack them. If they so NO you move on to find another person to ask LOL

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Then play when your friends are online.
I don’t disagree that ganking if bad. However, I always play PVE and never turn on PVP for that reason.
What would you have done about it? Not allow PVP? There is no way to differentiate from intended encounters and oops I didn’t see them ones.
I got turned off to pvp when I was getting ganked by a hunter when there was a snake trap bug that would attack non-flagged players

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World PVP is terrible. Literally impossible to level at 30 right now because you can’t kill 1 mob without being swarmed by horde. Then if you bring alliance friends, they bring their horde friends, and the entire place turns into a massive war zone. I just want to level. I don’t want to spend 8 hours a day getting 3 bars of xp because I have to PVP. Don’t roll on a PVP server, it’s a waste of time.