Is ganking cyberbullying?


dont convince him! Keep him out of classic and tell him to Play retail! bfa is made for him! not classic! Keep classic clean!!


Tell that special snowflake to roll pve. He will be ganked on pvp and cry to mommy. Someone that thinks ganking is cyber bullying really needs to rethink his life imo. And stay off the internet all together… So no, you’re moron friend is wrong.


God I hope so


Here is what you most likely will not read on this forum, definitely not in this thread:

Ganking on a PvP realm does not equate to cyber bullying as it will happen to everyone who plays on a PvP server, at one point or another. To put it another way, ganking is indiscriminate, no one person is singled out.

If you need to explain to your “friend” what cyber bullying actually is, just read the majority of the comments posted here. You kicked off a major cyber bullying campaign against your “friend” by posting it. Some friend you are.


No. It is not.


You should stop being this guy’s friend.


On a PvP server, more likely than not he’ll have others in the region to lend a hand if the ganking becomes camping. This is why the game is called “Warcraft”; you win some, you lose some, but that’s the game. It’s not bullying.


I think you’d be better off attempting to convince your friend to not use the internet or the very least not play online games.


:rofl: Baby D.Va, the most tragically bullied hero in OW. People roll on normal servers because they don’t want to constantly be the Baby D.Va.

Honestly, some of those D.Va staggers are so awful I’ve felt dirty watching them.

To the OP, just roll on a normal server and stay flagged up. There are people who will take you up on that offer of pvp.


Its not ‘cyberbullying’ but its definitely bullying. I mean, that’s the whole point isn’t it?

I don’t play on PvP realms because there isn’t any actually fun fights. You just gank people, get ganked or you avoid confrontation. That’s how it all works. Its a silly concept really.


Your friend should speak to a therapist.


it’s a game where two factions are at war…Tell it to get over themselves


He got a point there. I played on a PvP realm whole Vanilla and BC, normal PvP is not cyberbullying. It is like others said like getting killed in a FPS game like Overwatch.

But … getted ganked for one or more hours … is cyberbullying.
Sometimes, someone thinks its fun, to be 10 levels higher then you, or having the best PvP gear and outgear you by a mile. And then he/she kills you … waits for you to corpse run back and revive … to kill you again. And again … and again.

I had that happen to me allot more often, then i had normal PvP encounters where someone just attacked me, killed me and then continued with his busyness.
And that is why i am a little Pussycat now, and play on a PvE realm.


Unless and until they make prosthetic testes (prostheticles?) you and your friend are SoL.


Your friend either needs to 1) Git Gud. or 2) stick to a pve server


No its not. If you intentionally roll a char on a pvp realm or intentionally flag yourself for pvp then its on you. Its your choice. You cannot blame anyone else for your decision.


Also limp dick beta male, yea


Did you just assume his gender? …:stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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You don’t. You stop being friends with a baby.


Being ganked is intertwined with the mechanics of PVP realms and it’s not for everyone. If you or your friends find it difficult to navigate, stay to a PVE server where you can choose when you want to PVP and when you want to enjoy questing