Is ganking cyberbullying?


Oh god… this thread.

Question, how much soy product does your friend consume, and how much wow does his wife’s boyfriend allow him to play per day?


The realist in me says your friend needs to grow a pair and realize life isn’t for the thin skinned.

The politically correct in me says, careful about crying cyber bullying, they ALWAYS win no matter what your viewpoint was.

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Your friend is a moron … a moron who should stick to PvE servers.


Is getting ganked an convenience? yes, cyber-bullying…that’s a stretch.


So in 2004, it was seen as good ol boys will be boys have fun gameplay.
But then the snowflakes started to cry
Now a days, in game tea bagging is seen as sexual assault, and or even aggravated assault, compared to rape in a few cases.

It comes down to this, are you reducing the enjoyment of gameplay to anyone other then yourself, if yes, then you are an aggressor, a bully, and should probably be arrested and tried for being a Nazzi.

Did someone make you rethink any aspect of your life? Doubt any thought you’ve ever had? Questioned something you wanted to do or think?
Then you are the victim and need reperations, you need to let the world know and make your voice heard, or else it WILL happen again and get worse.

Welcome to 2019

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I’m offended.


Tell your friend to stay in pve server and have his safe space… Because wow lol XD


Cacao! Cacao!





Who called me


Yes. So is downvoting, that’s why they removed that option in the forums.


Your friend sounds like a real cool dude


Don’t do it! I once convinced a friend who was worried about being ganked to roll on a pvp server with me. We had a great time ganking the other side, he loved it and didn’t want to really quest or level up anymore once he found how fun it was (we were like level 25ish in retail). The first time the tables were turned he threw a fit and quit playing on that server haha. Some people just aren’t cut out for it.


Have your friend roll on a pve server. Have you and your friend do battlegrounds. I That is what I do, my fingers just don’t move like they use to. Even using macros I am slower than I was when I played TBC. But don’t even try to talk your friend into rolling on a pvp server. See now you have me thinking of rolling on a pvp server. Is it cyberbullying I don’t think so because when you click on the enter world button you are agreeing to have your butt handed to you.

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Your friend doesn’t want to roll on a PvP realm and had stated it to you. Why are you trying to convince him otherwise? I think people calling him coward etc are being unnecessarily rude. If you want to play with him, then go to a PvE server, until then he has been upfront with you and you need to respect that.

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Saying that ganking on a pvp server is cyberbullying is like jumping into a mosh kit and claiming assault. People know, or at least should know, what they are getting into. Unless a group of folks personally recognize your friend and are gank targeting him, there is no bullying, just faction rivalry and world pvp happening on a pvp server.


Yes it is a PvP server, and getting ganked once is expected to happen, but when a group of the opposite faction 10+ levels higher is sitting in an area slaughtering people that stand no fighting chance, thats extreme, its not PvP.

There should be some sort of etiquette around the scenario, as im just sitting in hillsbrad getting farmed for no reason by a party of alliance 8+ levels higher than i am, along with about 15 other people in the 22-25 range.


Why are you friends with someone like that? I feel bad for kids and young adults these days. It must be so hard to be around them without joining their cult of complaining. Every thing you do/say/think can be interpreted as an act of aggression or insensitivity.

It is a game about attacking the enemy faction. Even corpse camping isn’t wrong. It’s just part of the game. I don’t personally do it often, but I don’t get upset when it happens to me. I just play an alt for a while until the jerk gets bored and moves on.


PvP is pvp, which includes ganking. It’s a choice to play on a pvp server. It is most certainly not cyber bullying.


Why dont you get “bullied” into a guild, and protect yourself?