Is ganking cyberbullying?


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After a little actual bullying, cyberbullying should be no big deal. Toughen up that buttercup!


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It kind of is, but that’s kind of the idea of a large portion of the game.

But overall I’d rather play with my friends any day of the week than choose server / race / or class.


He probably should avoid all fps as well.

Don’t want him getting bullied.


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I loath PvP and even then I fully understand that playing on PvP, it’s Free For All. If it’s red, it’s dead. It’s not cyberbullying. War is not bully, it’s war.

He’s better off just stay on PvE realm, sorry to say.


Well… it call PVP for a reason. Also, we are playing world of WARcraft.


“Oh! Come and see the violence inherent in the system! Help, help, I’m being repressed!”


In Asmongold’s eyes, its just “Playing the game.”


Well…your friend is just flat out wrong.


I fully support your plan


It is not cyberbulling, not at all unless they are attacking him outside game as well.

It IS however, not something everyone is in to. If he doesn’t want to be ganked, he will be most at home on a PvE server.

PvP can still happen on PvE servers, people just need to willingly flag for it.


Ganking is part of life on a pvp server, Usually it is not personal, it can be but I would not call it bullying. Now if it is a personal attack, like someone is cyber stalking you and going out of their way nonstop to make your and only your life miserable than that is another thing.

The fact is on a pvp server, you chose to be in this situation. While yes, it can be annoying. It is part of the server you chose and over all it creates a stronger community of people banding together and having feuds and rivalries with guild and people of the other faction.

Looking at You Sneezes the mage in BC…evil little bugger.


“I dont like using this very specific derogatory term, but”


I’m going to be taking the unpopular opinion and say maybe (hear me out). Just regular ganking, or even some camping, absolutely not.
Though I’d say if someone really wanted to and had a vendetta against you and just literally camped you every second they possibly can every day, to where they sit for actual hours on your dead body, then maybe kinda.
Realistically though I don’t think that happens. And pvp is part of the game, like stated before you consent to pvp by playing a pvp server, so if you aren’t ready to get got on the streets of brad then go non-pvp.


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Well he’s not wrong, but that’s apart of the game.

Bullying in games is different than people think. For example, in Overwatch, you can stagger (not kill) a character we called “baby” This is considered ‘bullying,’ but is a strategy even the professionals use. Why do they keep her alive? To delay their team’s next attack, since they need her to respawn in her mech for a proper assault on the objective.

Similarly, being in a group of 2-3 people in WoW and ganking solo players is indeed bullying, but it’s how it’s supposed to be; the same can be said for corpse camping.

When is it not bullying? Some of us refer to this as a “fair fight,” but basically any 1 v 1 within 2-4 levels is usually considered fair.

Large-scale PvP battles are definitely not bullying though, because usually people are choosing to take part; if they’re not, then they should probably switch zones since they are the outlier.

If your friend is not ok with those gameplay mechaics…?