Is ganking cyberbullying?


What an utterly meaningless statement, I’d like you to refund me the time I spent reading this post and I’m actually reading it on the clock anyway.


It’s not. But please don’t ignore the fact that rolling on a pvp server in the first place is expressly granting irrevocable consent for all time without a safeword.

If that does not appeal to someone, then a PVE server is the correct place for them. I am not shaming anyone. I just want people to understand so they can find the server that is right for them and have fun.

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OMFG really?? Tell your friend to pull their head out of their *** and to stop pretending to be a perpetual victim.


Thank you.

I mean, Feral Druids need all the love they can get right now…



Didn’t even crack a smile.


That could work too but idk, lol pve server.


No… Just no… PVP or Player vs Player is a part of playing on a PVP Server. It’s not cyber bullying… It’s part of the game. I mean, you can make friendly rivalries out of it. I know I have in the past. Drunken Grom Gol gankfests were a thing in Vanilla… Just saying.


No. Simply no.


I agree, and I would recommend to OP’s friend that he finds new friends who make better decisions.


Uhh… Yeah… He should stick with a PvE server… Omg… lol

That said, if he rolls Ally on Blaumeux I’ll be looking to gank him.


Stop using taboo terms, pl0x.

PVP forever.


Don’t waste your time trying to convince him otherwise; you won’t.

He’s wrong, of course, but there’s no point in trying to change his mind if he feels that way.


I think your friend should stick with hello kitty island adventure!




It is cyberbullying plain and simple.

And no one else here is to blame, except yourself for joining a pvp server.


Just roll horde so you’ll outnumber the other faction 5-1 in wpvp. Horde = Ezmode for pvp servers




It basically is cyberbulling, because it’s almost never competitive in a ganking situation, which is what most of world PvP is. Nobody ever attacks anyone unless they outlevel them or outnumber them. The goal is to annoy the $hite out of lower level people questing and make them have to do corpse runs.

But on a PvP server, you have consented to that… you have basically agreed that, in order for me to be able to gank people, I consent that others can gank me. So if you don’t like ganking people or getting ganked, roll on a PvE or RP server.

PvP servers are for people who have a sadistic streak in them and take pleasure in annoying the crap out of other people for no reason. PvE/RP servers are for everyone else.


The consensual nature of pvp server negate the bullying. It’s like ask to be spit on and enjoy it. If you gank someone on a pve server, thats bullying.


Bro if he’s worried about cyber bullying get him off the internet.