Is ganking cyberbullying?


Same in reverse if your friends want to roll on a restricted server.


No. And your friend sounds he has paper thin skin.

What’s the worst that happens? You die and run back to your body. Boo hoo. In older MMOs you die and lose everything. 9/10 times you get killed by the opposing faction they won’t camp you unless you pissed them off.

Tbh your friend is the kind of person I’d camp. You know, the whole “dogs can smell fear” type effect.


This thread is cyber bullying…


No one should roll on a PvP server unless they actually want to be playing on a PvP server. If you want to play with your friend, make a character to play with him on a Normal server.


Can you describe when this cross over occurs?


I mean this is objectively not true because you can flag yourself for pvp but don’t let that stop you from complaining about how other people have to also flag themselves for pvp, as though mutual consent is in some way a bad thing.


Your friend sound like a very weak individual. I’d probably stop being friends with him.


Considering the rules are very clearly outlined when you roll on a PVP server, no. It’s consensual, if you will. Cyberbullying would be like baiting someone on a PVE server to flag themselves so you could kill them. That’s messed up. PVP happens on PVP servers, end of story.

Care to elaborate? Me getting ganked or ganking the same person for an hour is not something I’d consider griefing/bullying. The reality is anything is fair game. If you have a specific example, please do tell.

I did quite a bit of this myself. Had to get revenge from being gang banged by 5+ horde in STV every day of the week.


sounds like he should try and play on one and if gets “bullied” he can find some slimy lawyer to sue for harassment. Maybe even a racial harassment (unless hes a gnome) and take it to the supreme court!


Is ganking cyberbullying? I dunno.

Is ganking a feature exactly 2 devs on the original build wanted pre-release, implemented based on a misunderstanding of Fight Club, which is actually intended as a criticism of toxic masculinity rather than a proponent of it? Yes, developer statements and interviews confirm it.

As does this thread, lmao


It is true. My preference is to only play with people who are consenting to PvP. Playing in an environment where many people are non-participators would ruin the experience.



I honestly not even sure how someone can be Cyberbullied unwillingly. Bullying is something you can’t really escape from, because the people who want to bully you will find you, and force an action on you.

In an online environment, you can just-- walk away for awhile, block that person, and actually have many escape route to get away from the individual that could be bothering you.

That said ganking is part of pvp. It happens, it can not be avoided. When you walk into any PVP server it is understood that you will be killed by someone at some point, at any point.

If they can not handle the idea of being randomly killed or camped; which camping is also a part of PVP; then they probably should stay away from pvp.

I do hope your friend can have fun here in classic, but if they want to do pvp stuff, they need to accept what comes with pvp.


I shudder to think of how his friend would have reacted to pre-Trammel UO or AC where PvP had an entirely different flavor.



It’s similar to how I prefer to engage in other activities with people who consent to them, rather than just following them around creepily hoping they have a lapse of judgement and decide they’re keen.


Sounds like you want a bad experience.

You should have better standards, for your own sake.


I typically hate cat memes but you sir, let’s just say I’ll make an exception in this one case!


You’d think a bloke who wanted to force his own way upon everyone else would be less of a wimp.


Corpse Camping and Graveyard Camping is sort of Cyberbullying if it is beyond 8 mins. I say 8 mins because, that is enough time to message the entire /local defence to help you.